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Friends, who knew that being an adult means you get freaking excited about new appliances all the time? We hunted and hunted for the perfect fridge and finally landed on this beauty, a Samsung french door fridge in black stainless steel. Here’s what we know about it so fa! IT’S GORGEOUS So originally, we were…… Continue reading HOUSE UPDATE: FRIDGE REVIEW

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Y’all, this is my favorite room in our house. Perhaps my favorite room ever. Our kitchen was one of the last rooms to get cleaned and completed prior to us moving in, so it was definitely our final surprise before closing. We’ve loved getting to see all our selections come to life in the kitchen,…… Continue reading HOUSE UPDATE: KITCHEN

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I’ve loved the progression of the decor in this room for two reasons: 1. we literally only used the dining room in our old house for special occasions about 6-7 times out of the year and 2. our dining table and chairs look like they were custom made for this new house! I only have…… Continue reading HOUSE UPDATE: DINING ROOM

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Y’all, this has to be one of the most improved spaces from our rental house to this one: the living room. The layout really suits our lifestyle and, so far, we’ve enjoyed a lot of time in here! The progress has been so much fun to document, especially since some furniture pieces are new and…… Continue reading HOUSE UPDATE: LIVING ROOM

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Let the decorating posts begin, y’all! We have spent the last week working hard to unpack every box (only 2 left!) and wanted to share our progress with you. I wanted to start with one of the most-used and fun rooms in our new house: the flex room! It’s similar to the den in that…… Continue reading HOUSE UPDATE: FLEX ROOM

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Guys, I have really been missing blogging since we closed and moved, and I’m happy to say I should be able to get back to it with consistency through my favorite upcoming seasons! Just to bring you up to speed, this post is all about closing, moving, and getting settled in our new house (!!!).…… Continue reading HOUSE UPDATE: WE DID IT!