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Y’all, it’s officially the best time of the year: football season. Our favorite teams are gearing up for a great season and we’re dragging out our sweatshirts and team tees to celebrate the kickoff of crisp weather, family time, and delicious snacks. Because let’s be real, what’s a football game without something yummy to munch…… Continue reading GET INSPIRED: FOOTBALL FAVORITES

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Guys, I know it’s not officially mac and cheese weather (a.k.a. the crisp fall months), but I have been starving for my great-grandmother’s mac and cheese since I made a batch for our church recently and I thought I might not be the only one. (This recipe is amazing with the leftover ham you’ll have…… Continue reading RECIPE: GREAT-GRANDMOTHER’S MAC & CHEESE

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Happy Friday, guys! We made it to the weekend and if you’re anything like me, you had a productive and busy week and the last thing you want to do on a cold night is cook. So don’t! I have a quick, inexpensive, and easy recipe you will enjoy long into the warmer months: Crockpot…… Continue reading RECIPE: BEEF STROGANOFF

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If you’ve been on Pinterest more than five minutes, I’m sure you’ve seen this recipe circulating: Fiesta Chicken. And, if you’re like me, you’ve pinned it and revisited it a few times, wondering whether it’s really that easy or if there’s something you’re missing (hint: it’s really that easy). Our introduction to Fiesta Chicken came…… Continue reading RECIPE: FIESTA CHICKEN

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Y’all, today’s been one of those chilly, snowy days that we’ve been waiting for all winter. It’s been a curl-up-by-the-fire and bake-chocolate-chip-cookies-from-scratch kind of day, and that always makes me crave something quick, simple, and piping hot for dinner. So I thought I’d share one of my favorite go-to recipes that anyone can do with…… Continue reading RECIPE: CITRUS CHICKEN SPAGHETTI