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Sorry for the drop in the number of posts lately – it’s been a bear to get everything straightened out after the wreck this last week, but I’m happy to say we’re on the upswing and are getting back to normal (finally!) I thought I’d check in about something that’s been keeping me going since…… Continue reading HINTS & HACKS: A WRITER ON WRITING


Looking Back: What I’ve Learned in Grad School

Today marks two years since I’ve started the MFA program, and I’m a little sentimental moving forward with my last fall semester (and last non-thesis class!) in just a few weeks. I’m still excited to pick up my books, work on assignments, and enjoy the workshop process one final time. All this is to say,…… Continue reading Looking Back: What I’ve Learned in Grad School


A Young Writer’s Guide to the MFA Program

As I near the finish line on my MFA, or Master’s of Fine Arts (in Creative Writing), I’m reminded of the application process and all the expectations I had after I graduated with my BA in Creative Writing just a few short years ago. I was wrought with excitement and emotion upon moving back home…… Continue reading A Young Writer’s Guide to the MFA Program


Literary Magazines You Need to Read – Part 1

One facet of being a writer is universally understood across cultures, backgrounds, histories, and experience, and that is that writers can never read enough. There are never enough hours in the day for all the books on your list, and that’s an accepted fact throughout the writing community.

That’s where Literary Magazines, or Lit Mags, come in: you choose a few you identify with or want to work towards, subscribe, and wait excitedly by your mailbox until each issue arrives. Lit Mags are awesome because they can cover a wide variety of subject matter, genres, and writing experience, and they can also help you understand what caliber of writing material Lit Mags are hunting for.

All this is to say that there are a ton of Lit Mags out there, and I thought I’d take a moment to feature a few since many are open to submissions right now. This first installment in the Lit Mags series has a few magazines that specialize in poetry, so if you’re into short story or non-fiction, hang tight for a few posts! I’ll have something for you in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, whenever you take a break from writing to read, give a few of these Lit Mags a try! The below descriptions are taken from Poets and Writers, so you can hear directly from the horse’s mouth what each magazine is about. Learn more by clicking the name of the magazine in the pink header.


Must-Read: On Doctoring

This week has been wild to say the least: severe weather, birthdays, Mother’s day, and packing to take a weekend trip with the hubs starting Thursday. Add chores and grocery shopping to that and there’s barely time to sleep! Needless to say, I’m pretty pumped for our second mini-vacation of the year, and I’m planning…… Continue reading Must-Read: On Doctoring


Mother’s Day Gifts from the Writer’s Heart

Mother’s Day is such a meaningful holiday and one that is often linked with art. When you were in elementary school, you brought home finger-painted flowers, and in middle school, you brought home essays over why your mom is the greatest. You’re accustomed to linking the arts with the art of being a mother, and that’s why another great gift idea for any mom is the gift of poetry.

Check out some inspiration from the fabulous Poetry Foundation below or write your own ode / sonnet / haiku / whatever for your mama.