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Friends, as you know, I love organization. I have been dreaming about moving into our new house just for the opportunity to organize everything anew, and man, it has not disappointed. While we have three pantries, I thought I’d share where we are with the food pantry (the others are utility and decor pantries, so…… Continue reading HOUSE UPDATE: PANTRY

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I’m so happy to be back in the swing of things, y’all! This workweek has been quite busy and thus, my creativity has gotten more than a little wiped out. But, after touring our house with the paint in place (!), I’m excited to get back to blogging and prepping to move in just a…… Continue reading HINTS AND HACKS: PANTRY ORGANIZATION

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Even though our master closet is going to be an upgrade from our current closet, we’re looking forward to paring down and getting organized before, during, and after we move so we can really enjoy our current wardrobes. That’s not an easy task, especially for someone who loves clothes and shoes (hint: that person isn’t…… Continue reading HINTS AND HACKS: CLOSET ORGANIZATION

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If you haven’t guessed by now, I love jewelry. Always have, always will. Baubles of all shapes and sizes, trendy items and classic, heirlooms and fast-fashion–they’ve all got a place in my jewelry collection, and that means I’ve accumulated quite a few pieces over the years. Since I don’t quite have the space for an…… Continue reading GET INSPIRED: JEWELRY STORAGE

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Next up in our spring cleaning checklist extravaganza: the garage. The garage is an often overlooked aspect of spring cleaning and one that is daunting for many of us who store seasonal, decor, cleaning, and car maintenance items in along with tools and our recycling. This project took the least amount of time of all…… Continue reading SPRING CLEANING CHECKLIST – GARAGE

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How’s spring cleaning going, guys? I’m sure with all the warmer weather and spring showers you’re likely to feel put-upon by your chores, and I get it! I’m hopeful these checklists are still helpful to you as you tidy up everything around your house so you can really dig in and enjoy the warmer months…… Continue reading SPRING CLEANING CHECKLIST – BEDROOMS