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Happy Thursday, y’all! Today’s speedy post is all about our sweet patio! We’ve been excited to enjoy time on the patio since we started building the house, and one of the few customizations we chose to do during the building process was add on to the patio a bit. We’re thrilled with how it’s looking…… Continue reading HOUSE UPDATE: PATIO

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Y’all, we have wanted our spare bedroom to be a guest bedroom for as long as we’ve been building the house and I have to say, this is a dream come true. With many of our best friends living far away from us, we wanted to have a pretty room to offer them in case…… Continue reading HOUSE UPDATE: GUEST BEDROOM

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Friends, as you know, I love organization. I have been dreaming about moving into our new house just for the opportunity to organize everything anew, and man, it has not disappointed. While we have three pantries, I thought I’d share where we are with the food pantry (the others are utility and decor pantries, so…… Continue reading HOUSE UPDATE: PANTRY

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Friends, who knew that being an adult means you get freaking excited about new appliances all the time? We hunted and hunted for the perfect fridge and finally landed on this beauty, a Samsung french door fridge in black stainless steel. Here’s what we know about it so fa! IT’S GORGEOUS So originally, we were…… Continue reading HOUSE UPDATE: FRIDGE REVIEW

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Y’all know how excited I am to clean, and thus, to try out Grove Collaborative’s collection of incredible cleaning products shipped to my front door at a discount. I’ve been prowling the site since I placed my first order (update: it’s going to be here on Friday, and I’ve scored a free lip balm and…… Continue reading WISH LIST: GROVE COLLABORATIVE

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So, a couple of weeks ago I was perusing my favorite websites for cleaning supplies (Jordan has informed me this isn’t normal behavior, but on the off-chance that you, too, enjoy it, keep reading) and I stumbled across this website called Grove Collaborative. I’m sure many of you have heard of or even regularly used…… Continue reading SAVINGS SUNDAY: GROVE COLLABORATIVE