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Y’all, we have wanted our spare bedroom to be a guest bedroom for as long as we’ve been building the house and I have to say, this is a dream come true. With many of our best friends living far away from us, we wanted to have a pretty room to offer them in case they have time in their busy schedules to visit us!

Here’s a pic of the room when we first moved in:

The bedroom is a great size, has some really pretty natural light from the window, and has a glorious closet I couldn’t be happier to store my Christmas items in.

Here’s a pic of the room during move-in week:

Remember our master bedroom setup in our previous house? This setup is the same, which we feel pretty lucky about for two reasons: 1. it makes a nice guest bedroom complete with storage for clothing, some magazines to enjoy, a TV (and eventually soundbar), and plenty of light for late-night reading and 2. it’s great for when someone is sick or needs a quick nap, too!

I love how well the navy works in the guest bedroom — it feels crisp and inviting and plays well with the gray. The biggest struggle we faced in this room was choosing new lampshades for these little bubble lamps from Target, and man, that was a task. Finding the right size, the right fit, and the right color made for an eventful shopping trip for sure!

Here’s what the room looks like right now:

I’m so happy with how this space turned out and I can’t wait to host some sweet friends and family here!



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