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Friends, as you know, I love organization. I have been dreaming about moving into our new house just for the opportunity to organize everything anew, and man, it has not disappointed. While we have three pantries, I thought I’d share where we are with the food pantry (the others are utility and decor pantries, so we can walk through those eventually, but they’re not quite ready yet!). Take a look!

Here’s what the pantry looked like when we moved in:

These things we brought from our old house and we hadn’t bought groceries in about two months (!) when we moved. Thank goodness, this is what the pantry looks like now:

Here’s a quick breakdown of how we made this new space (and new groceries) work for us best.

  1. Think through your daily usage and group like / frequently-used items together.
  2. Put your favorite things where you can access them easily.
  3. Store bulkier, but still often-used, items, in the floor of the pantry for easy access.
  4. Put infrequently-used items near the back, but in a way that you can still see them so you don’t re-buy them on accident.
  5. Store tiny items in bowls so you can grab the whole bowl instead of picking through for the item you need.
  6. Make use of corner spaces with bulkier / less-used items.

Those basics helped us divide our pantry into two spaces: the cooking / snacking side and the baking / grilling side. Here’s a peek at the cooking / snacking side:

We’ve placed all our most frequently accessed items right here since it’s what you see when you first step into the pantry. All our cooking spices, which are a bear to store in the cabinets, found an easy home in here, as well as weirder items like teas and drink flavorings. We put like items together, so pasta and sauces, all our oils and vinegars, snacks, and storage items. Because everything can be seen and is easily accessible, we’re using items we never used in our old house because we’re reminded we have them!

Speaking of using items we never used in our old house…take a look at the baking / grilling side of the pantry:

I love to bake and I’ve often longed for the day that I could access everything quickly and easily any time I wanted to whip up a batch of cookies, brownies, cupcakes, a birthday cake, or quickbread, and I’ve been baking up a storm because I can find everything I need for each recipe really easily. We’ve grouped our bulkier flour and sugar up top so they’re easy to see but out of the way, then oils and stocks, then mixes and syrups, and finally all baking and frosting paraphernalia, and finally, all my favorite “makers” (one for cupcakes, waffles, and donuts). It’s been a joy to step in and get exactly what we need each time we start cooking and baking, y’all, and this system is a super easy one: purge stuff you don’t use, keep it simple, and keep things where you can see them. So far, we’ve been in since October 6th and have had no trouble maintaining this system at all — fingers crossed that it will last through the holidays!


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