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Friends, who knew that being an adult means you get freaking excited about new appliances all the time? We hunted and hunted for the perfect fridge and finally landed on this beauty, a Samsung french door fridge in black stainless steel. Here’s what we know about it so fa!


So originally, we were team stainless steel. Like, until the day we were going to buy the fridge. But Jordan spotted this gorgeous finish and we both fell in love with it. While we were originally nervous it might not play well with our other appliances, I’m happy to say it complements every other shade of gray, stainless, and white we have going on in our kitchen. It’s sleek and one of the prettiest appliances we’ve had the privilege of owning!


Y’all, we like to cook a lot and share with friends and family, and that means we need a fridge much bigger than one that two people alone would need. We opted out of counter-depth fridges and went for the deeper version above, and we couldn’t be happier about that choice. Not only does it have a space for everything, but it’s so spacious that nothing is crowded at all. We’ve got the cooling drawer, too, which we’ve used for beverages and lunch meat so far. It’s loots of fun, huge, and easy to program to suit your needs!


When Lowe’s was installing it, they informed us that our fridge is one of their best-selling models for its value, reliability, design, and performance over time. Of course we researched it thoroughly and it came highly recommended to us from my parents, who also have a similar Samsung fridge, but we really fell in love with the features and design, too.


Seriously flexible. Like, it would fit 12 gallons of milk, soda, iced coffee, a birthday cake, and two Thanksgiving turkeys with ease. The shelves are moveable and removable, and the custom tray makes it a cinch to store unwieldy or uncommon items. It has two ice makers, which we are loving so far, and the freezer is deep and generous, plus you make all adjustments with a touch of a button on the front touch screen. It just doesn’t get much better than that!



Let me know what you think!

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