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I’ve loved the progression of the decor in this room for two reasons: 1. we literally only used the dining room in our old house for special occasions about 6-7 times out of the year and 2. our dining table and chairs look like they were custom made for this new house! I only have a few photos of the actual table (I’ll share more soon!) because we ended up using it to pile our glassware and electronics on while we were unpacking, but I wanted to share a few pics, so take a look and see how it’s all turning out!

Here’s a pic from the living room into the dining room the day we closed:

That chandelier is the stuff dreams are made of — not only is it bright, sparkling, and warm when it’s on, but it’s gorgeous when it’s off, too, because of the natural light dancing off the crystals and chrome. Here’s a closer shot:

Something we’re loving about the dining room is it’s tiled instead of carpeted like our old house. The carpet under the dining table was always prone to crumbs and stains and a bear to clean, but the tile has been dreamy so far! We’re thrilled by how the color of the tile complements the table, too! Here’s a shot of just a few chairs before we had the table moved:

While I’m not proud to admit I’m the first one who made a mess in the dining room (dropped barbecue sandwich and chips on the blue tub and floor!), I was happily surprised by the space and how well our wildcard dining chairs seemed to work in the space!

Here’s a reluctant pic of Jordan at the dining table after dinner one night:

I took the hurricanes that were on the mantel in the living room and set them on the dining table to make it feel a little more rustic and autumnal, and I’ve been pleased with how they turned out! Also, I love leaving a few Fiesta pieces and the glittery silver chargers out on the table year-round to keep things polished and festive (and to hide the crumbs in the wood on the table). I can’t wait to share updated dining room pics with you soon!



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