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Y’all, this has to be one of the most improved spaces from our rental house to this one: the living room. The layout really suits our lifestyle and, so far, we’ve enjoyed a lot of time in here! The progress has been so much fun to document, especially since some furniture pieces are new and some we’ve bought but haven’t gotten to use until now! Take a look at what the living room looked like the day we closed:

We’ve really enjoyed an aspect of this room we took for granted in our other house and apartment: the natural light! The windows and direct sunlight really warm up the space and make it feel bright and inviting at almost all hours of the day. Here’s what it looked like mid-move:

Thank goodness it didn’t stay like this for long! I think we’ll be fine if we never see another box.

One day during our week off to move, we took a trip to get some new lamps for the living room since the old ones found their home in our master bedroom, and it wasn’t an easy task. We wanted something that was classic with a twist, and y’all, we had to build the perfect lamps to make them suit our space. Two things we learned: 1. not all lamps are created equal (literally–there were quite a few with chips, dents, dings, and cracks right off the bat) and 2. lampshades are tough to match to the lamp base 99% of the time. Is the white too white? Should it have gold or silver hardware? Does it need a finial?

Here are some more in-progress moving week pics, complete with my sweet hubby taking a few minutes to relax in between setting up our WiFi, coordinating our fence install, and making a big ol’ grocery list one day. Since we’d seen the living room from the time it was a pile of dirt to now, it was easy for us to visualize where our furniture would go and which pieces we still needed to purchase. We bought the gray couches when I graduated from grad school, but they were in the den in our old house, which we used much less than the living room space. Thankfully, that means that these babies are pretty much brand new and ready to be broken in here!

That being said, we still needed one piece to round out the living room, and that was a coffee table or ottoman. Man, did we search for both on every website under the sun and many stores. We were shopping for our bedroom furniture and happened upon this gorgeous cocktail table, which was huge, the perfect color of wood, and we thought it would suit the space well. We haven’t been disappointed and I’m pleased to announce this is the perfect place to sort Halloween candy!

Here’s a look at the living room right now! It’s mostly decorated, but we still have to hang our TV and soundbar above the fireplace. We’ve had fun cleaning it and putting out seasonal decor items so far and I can honestly say I am already counting down the days till we get to decorate for Christmas! I may be one of those people who leaves her tree up all year. (Is it so bad if it’s just once in my life?)



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