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Y’all, this is a post Jordan and I are so excited about: cedar beams and landscaping! They’re two small steps in terms of our building process, but two really meaningful ones to us since they help make the house look like our home.

We had the option for a white tapered beam instead of the natural cedar and no x-beams instead of the x-beams we wanted on the porch, but we fell in love with the more rustic appearance of the natural cedar. They’ve glazed and sealed it now, which will help protect it from the elements, but it still has that crisp cedar smell when you walk by, which reminds us of our favorite cabin getaways! Take a look at the cedar in full force:

We love the contrast of the warm wood and cool white and blue paint as well as the sharp gray stone. I’m ready to fill the porch and steps with pumpkins to set it off for fall!

Now, onto our oft-discussed topic of landscaping. We drove by yesterday to see the house and remind ourselves why we’re purging and packing and stressing so much, and we were pleasantly surprised by the gorgeous landscaping that was 99% completed. It has truly made such a difference in the home’s appearance and we love the clean lines and modern design that helps the front of the house truly shine.

Next to our mailbox, we’ve got a pretty little hot pink crepe myrtle and a few red-tipped photinia bushes that will remain a crisp green and eventually transition to a gorgeous crimson. It’s going to be a joy to get our mail every day!

This might be my favorite part of the design. We’ve got what’s called a Little Gem Magnolia, which is a dwarf variety of magnolia that doesn’t get more than about 4 feet tall. It’s precious size doesn’t limit its blooming capabilities, though, and we couldn’t be happier about that. We’re not entirely sure what these short shrubby plants are, but they’ve got a unique leaf shape and low profile to continue the modern design.

Some people probably won’t like the shape of this design as much as we do, but we love this sharp line that leads everyone’s eye to the gorgeous little Chinese pistache tree at the front of the house. Our designer packed the flowerbeds full of a variety of lush plants including hot pink roses, variegated grass, and a holly bush that will keep its glossy leaves and prim shape well. We love the short little bushes just beneath the cedar beams to help set them off, too!

Here’s where we really feel fortunate: this gorgeous boulder is one of a couple we’re going to have in the landscaping, but this big guy was delivered by way of Bobcat and nestled in as a step around the side of the house. Not only is it truly gorgeous in person, but it’s helpful for us to better navigate around the house, too!

We ended up choosing this beautiful variegated grass with a bright key lime color for a funky accent on the side of the house. After seeing it, I’m thinking about it in terms of the little diamond on the inside of your wedding band that the designer places just for you — it’s a sweet reminder that we’ve lovingly picked every plant.

Doesn’t the landscape make a difference? We’re almost 100% finished with the build and we couldn’t be happier with the progress. Just 13 days now and we’re counting down every single second!

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