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Y’all, today marks two weeks until we close and man, are we counting down. Thanks to some precious friends, we’ve got a good grip on our packing (yay!), but we’re really starting to wear down in the overall process. Living in the chaos, hunting desperately for paperwork for underwriting, and trying to respond to every email and phone call immediately is proving to be the most stressful part of the process.

We’re so excited that the build is almost entirely complete! The blinds are in, the irrigation is ready, the cedar is sealed, the paint, carpets, lighting, and security systems are installed, and we’ve had a preliminary clean prior to our new homeowner orientation next week, and it is surreal to finally see the house exactly as we’ve imagined it all along. All we’re waiting on now is landscaping and the concrete pads for our dumpsters to be poured, and then the house is 99.99% complete, which is nuts!

I’m not feeling like too much of an expert in the process at this point, but I can share my list of what’s next in case you’re curious (or considering building your home, too!)! Take a look at what’s coming up in the next 14 days for us to get us to closing!


This has easily been the most challenging part of the process. While we love our mortgage company, the number of details we’re having to recall and document from almost one year ago–and in some cases, even earlier than that–is more than a little bit stressful. We’re almost through that process, which feels incredible, but it’s taking everything we’ve got to provide all the necessary documentation, answer endless questions, and rely on our sweet parents to work through all the questions and worries we have. We’re told that process will be complete tomorrow, so fingers crossed that everything wraps up nicely so we can enjoy the final week waiting to get into our home!


Also known as the blue tape walkthrough, this is the meeting we have with a representative from our builder to make us familiar with all the various facets of our home. We’ll walk through every single detail in our new home, test everything to make sure it’s working perfectly, and mark things that need to be looked at before we move in. Jordan and I are so excited for this part of the building process because we get to fully experience every detail and learn more about all of the appliances and systems that keep the home energy efficient and running smoothly.


A local company in our area is going to meet us during our new homeowner orientation to discuss our emergency and security systems in detail and offer us a variety of security packages. While we’re 99% sure of the system we want to install and use, we’re excited to learn more about all the options available to us and choose something that will help keep our home secure and give us peace of mind.


Y’all know I can’t wait to see our landscape choices installed, and that’s one of the final aspects of the building process for us. Now that concrete, gas lines, electric, and heat and air are up and running, we’re cleared to install the sod, trees, and other plants. Our landscape designer and his team have done such a beautiful job for each house in the neighborhood and we couldn’t be more excited about seeing the house really look complete.


So, the not-so-fun part of moving is transferring all the utilities. Since we’re renting right now, our utilities are bundled and we pay them right alongside our rent each month. However, once we move, we’re splitting out each utility option and adding a new one we’ve never had (natural gas), so it’s a necessary time of dotting our Is and crossings our Ts. Thank goodness for Jordan always staying on top of these things and leading the charge on scheduling the new accounts to be activated. 🙂


This is a big one for us. As we’ve been packing we’ve been trying to make a hefty pile of items to donate before we move, and we’re thrilled to say we’ve got a pretty large pile that’s continuing to grow. We’re looking forward to purging items we don’t use anymore, recycling tons of old magazines, and generally starting over before we get settled in the new house.


Ugh. There are so many things we’d rather buy than a fence, but we don’t want the house to be the only one in our neighborhood that’s behind in getting the fence installed. We’ve got an appointment for an estimate next week to learn more about what our options are and get on the schedule for a new fence to be installed soon after we move in.


We’re so grateful to have purchased, inherited, and been gifted some great furniture pieces that will come with us to the new house. We’re much better off in the furniture department than we were when we moved from our first apartment together into this home, and we’re very, very thankful for that since it was definitely a process to complete. There are a fair amount of dents, dings, nicks, crumbs, and so forth that need to get polished, Scotchgarded, or repainted before they land in our new home.

Here’s hoping we don’t run out of steam in the next two weeks so we can get it all done!

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