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Y’all, with the disarray our current abode is in, dreaming about moving in soon is helping us keep our heads above water and focused on getting to the finish line. And my favorite part about moving in is decorating the house and creating rooms that are just as livable and functional as they are pretty! One room I’ve been dying to decorate is our flex room since it will be the media room and library until we have little ones, and with the tone set with the funky chandelier already, I’m dying to share what I’m crushing on for that space!

I love this emerald green couch for the flex room because it’s an unusual hue that lends itself to modern touches like the curly chandelier. Bonus: it’s velvet (yay!) and becomes a guest bed if we need it. I love the flexibility of the piece and the incredible price!

What’s a media room / library without a place to put your feet up? I love the matching ottoman to house decorative trays, books, drinks and snacks, or just feet, plus it’s a flexible, usable piece that could go just about anywhere in the house!

Because the chandelier feels a little bit 70s glam to me, I find that I love this plush rug for the flex room to complement it. Not only is it full of gorgeous color, texture, and pattern, but it’s available in every size imaginable and would transition nicely to a playroom when we have little ones.

The last thing I want to do is take away from my favorite fixture, but I love having plenty of light in a room. Enter this delicate and polished floor lamp! I’d put it in the corner overhanging the couch for a sweet reading spot with plenty of pretty light.

I love this bookcase so much! Though I love the rustic wood, I’d prefer it in white so it plays nicely with the media piece that will house our TV and sound system. This baby is a must-have for any English major since our book collections are always expanding! It’s durable, lovely, and a great marriage of form and function.

I love abstract, impressionistic art pieces like this to tie all the jewel tones together and I can imagine a couple or three of these perched over the bookcase across from the window to give the decor a little zing.

This lovely glass piece has always intrigued me and while it’s 100% pure decor without any function whatsoever, I do love the organic shape and sapphire color to help tie the color palette together. I’d probably get a couple to nestle into the bookcase and maybe even the living room to tie the two together.

Speaking of purely for show: I love these anemone-inspired spheres to play off the chandelier’s funky shape. These beauties would be at home in every room of our house, plus they’re an affordable way to add an artistic touch to any space.

Y’all, I love candles. Every size, shape, color, fragrance — I can’t get enough and want one in every room of the house. Thus, I adore these gorgeous jewel-tone candle holders for the flex space. I think they’d be a beautiful light source when you’re reading and would help cozy up the cool gray tones a bit.

We have a little ceramic stool like this in our living room that we can’t get enough of, so I think a faceted piece like this one would be right at home in the flex room. I love everything about it, but my favorite feature is that its gorgeous glaze makes it spill-proof and easy to clean — perfect for buttery popcorn, sticky snacks, and dripping drinks!

Guys, I’m always cold. Always. Doesn’t matter if it’s 1000 degrees out, I’m the person with the fleece in my reach at all times. That means my recreational space has to have a snuggly throw or two to keep me comfortable while the AC is on blast, and I love this one because it’s inviting, simple, and so warm!

How gorgeous is this midnight blue pillow? I think it would suit the space well and be the perfect addition to the velvet couch. I just packed six big boxes full of pillows, so it’s safe to say I have an addiction, but I would definitely pick up a couple of these to add to the room.



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