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We had such an awesome day in our house yesterday! Our beams were finished up, our lighting was completely installed, the fireplace is finished, and the subways tile (minus one tile!) is done, and all those updates have seriously changed the way our house feels. We’re told carpet will be installed on Friday and then blinds shortly after that, so our little house is finally going to look like a home in just a few short days!

Something else we worked on yesterday: landscaping. We had a great appointment with our landscape designer and we learned so much about his plans for our yard. We learned that he will be removing the red dirt that prevents everything from growing in the heartland and replacing it with a forgiving rich soil that will help our little green things take root much better, as well as that many of the plants I love (all the purples — remember those?) are mostly annuals, which won’t last very long since we’re moving in October.

Here are some fun details I wanted to share before everything gets finalized:


As I’ve mentioned before, I’m no arborist, and thus, I’m pretty much clueless about trees unless they’re redbuds. But thankfully our designer helped us understand which trees are hardier, which have less upkeep, which shed their leaves less, which have visual interest throughout the seasons, and so on. Our designer introduced us to a gorgeous ornamental tree that has unusual coloring and an artistic shape called the Chinese pistache tree:

This little beauty is going to be the focal point of the yard and just a little offset from the house so all the natural cedar and our paint still steal the show! We’re also going to get a Little Gem Magnolia, which is this precious dwarf variety of the bigger, badder magnolia:

It’s so cute! This one will be on the other side across from the Chinese pistache to help set off a flower bed on that side of the house.


Something we weren’t expecting to add to our landscaping design yesterday were decorative boulders and stonework, but we’re pleasantly surprised about them! We’re going to have three gorgeous boulders in the flowerbed, and each bed is going to be lined with the same gray-blue stone we used on the bottoms of our cedar x-beams on the front porch so everything ties in together. We chose a more modern, structural design that suits the clean lines in the house, so we’re definitely excited to see what that looks like when it’s all in place!


I’m honestly not entirely sure where roses fall in these categories, but what I do know is that we’re going to add some pale pink drift roses on each side of our mailbox:

They are so breathtaking and apparently, they’re going to flower until nearly Christmas. Not only are they gorgeous, but they’re fragrant and bloom year-round. We chose the pale pink variety to set off the black mulch we’re using, but they come in just about every color under the sun!


Here’s where things get funky! We wanted something that has a little different texture from the street and adds to the curb appeal in a fresher way, so we’re looking at adding this wild grass, called Zebra Grass, in the front beds:

I love the variety in the leaves and how bright the coloring is! We’re not sure where it would go in the beds just yet, but I think it’s definitely something we’re excited to add!


We really only talked about one flower we’re going to add in addition to the roses, and that’s a gorgeous red hibiscus:

We can’t get enough of the rich color, beautiful shape, and thick foliage that set off these gorgeous blooms. We’ve talked about adding some colorful coleus or flowering kale, too, so stay tuned about that!



  1. Some of the zebra grasses can get 4′ tall, so you might want it to the back of your bed! Also, if you get a red hardy (not tropical) hibiscus, it’ll stay outside all year and come back each summer with giant blooms. Bulbs are in the garden centers now for spring color. Perennials are a good bang for your buck. These plans look luscious!!

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