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It may seem early to think about your fall dining and entertaining essentials, but with the plethora of beautiful pieces available and the slow start to fall we get in the month of September, I don’t think it’s too soon to start thinking about your Halloween bash or Thanksgiving tablescape. So, this post rounds up some of my favorite versatile and fall-centric pieces for everything from appetizers to an eight-course meal.

Black Flatware this is a festive choice for your Halloween gatherings and a wildcard option for a more industrial Thanksgiving tablescape. I love the organic feel of the matte black finish and sleek design and I think these are gorgeous pieces year-round.

Gold Flatware for a more traditional, glamorous take on your fall tables, pick up some gold flatware for a festive, functional addition to your china hutch. I love the bright, cheerful gold color paired with other metallics or as an accent to jewel-tone plates.

Rose Gold Flatware for a girly-glam touch to your fall tables, try this rose gold flatware set. Not only is it a beautiful accent to any table, but it complements your other fall decor in a fresh way that gold, silver, and black can’t.

Wood Serving Tray these gorgeous wood slice trays are perfect for charcuterie, wine glasses, favors, desserts, or decor, and they look amazing on just about any table. Pick up a couple and some neutral cake stands for varied heights and visual interest on your table, or paint the fronts with chalk paint for a customizable twist.

Marble Serving Tray isn’t this lovely? I think it’s a great choice for a hostess gift with some wine and cheeses, but it also makes a great portable cocktail station or just the tray for a few candles on your table, too. The gorgeous mix of textures and varied veining are so stunning!

Copper Leaf want to make the kids’ table festive, too? Grab a few of these and layer them under plates or as a faux table runner to keep your table fresh and give a little glitz to even the messiest places.

Metallic Pumpkin prefer a more traditional take or looking for something a little different for Halloween festivities? Pick up some pumpkin placemats instead of leaves!

Table Cloth speaking of keeping your table clean– grab a few of these jewel-tone tablecloths for all your entertaining needs to keep your tables tidy no matter how many guests you host. Not only are these an inexpensive way to change the look of your home, but they’re easy-to-store decor you can use time and again. I love the cheerful teal with all the oranges and golds, but there are quite a few options available if you like something else.

Candle Holders I love these smoke glass hurricanes for decor throughout the fall, especially if you prefer gray to warmer tones in your house. They’re sleek, simple, and work with just about any candle you prefer. Try them unlit with sand in the bottom or lit with glass beads to make them sparkle!

Pumpkin Candles These pumpkin candles are cheeky, cute, and the perfect accent to your tablescape for all your fall occasions. Dip the bottoms in glue and dust them with glitter for a glitzy twist, or press jeweled brads into them for a more elegant take on the classics.

Beverage Bucket what’s a party without a beverage bucket, y’all? I love these sophisticated, masculine buckets for all your fall party needs. Pack them full of orange soda for kiddos or hard cider for an adult-friendly option!

Cocktail Glasses seriously, these glasses are to-die-for beautiful. Use them for personal trifle dishes or whip up some delectable cocktails to make your guests swoon. I love them in the mixed metallics, too, to keep your table interesting.

Cast Iron Pumpkin we’re huge soup lovers, especially in the fall, so this big ol’ cast iron pumpkin is a natural choice for our fall table. Whether its packed full of butternut squash soup or just housing some mums until the cooking mood strikes you, take a look at this awesome piece you can use over and over again!

Copper Pitcher the next time you whip up a yummy mocktail or iced tea for your gatherings, load it in this showstopping pitcher. It’s generously sized and would be at home full of flowers, in a bar cart, or on your kitchen counter year-round.

Jewel tone Goblets my mama is the queen of all things jewel tone and has always used something like this on our Thanksgiving tables, so this idea comes from her! Pick up some gorgeous jewel tone goblets for your fall festivities for everything from water to mocktails to apple cider!

What are your fall entertaining favorites?


Let me know what you think!

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