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Y’all know how excited I am to clean, and thus, to try out Grove Collaborative’s collection of incredible cleaning products shipped to my front door at a discount. I’ve been prowling the site since I placed my first order (update: it’s going to be here on Friday, and I’ve scored a free lip balm and room freshener for the next order! It just keeps getting better!) and thought I’d share some of the products I’m crushing on for the new house! More house updates are coming soon, promise! We’re down to 24 days till closing, so I’ll be doing my best to keep myself busy until then!

Anyway, here are some products I found that I just fell in love with!

Fall Gift Bundle – Mrs. Meyer’s: guys, this is the ultimate hostess gift x2! In the delectable apple cider and mum fragrances, this gorgeous little bundle of goodies is all you need to keep your house clean, smelling great, and fresh until Christmas, even if you clean all the time. As a self-proclaimed Method addict, I haven’t tried these products yet, but I’m sure they’re going to do the job well and smell delicious while they work!

Kitchen Towel in Fog Gray: you already know I can’t get enough gray, and I think these will find their way to our new house pretty quickly after we move in. They’re simple, clean, and, apparently, absorb more moisture than other towels out there. I’m loving the many color options available but find myself leaning to this rich gray color. We use kitchen towels like crazy, so I think these are a practical investment!

Countertop Spray – Caldrea: Because we frequently clean our countertops after meal prep and after almost every meal, I go through countertop cleaners like mad, and I’m excited to give this one a try. Its fragrance, Tangelo Palm Frond, isn’t fallish, so it will work year-round and keep our countertops sparkling. Plus, how gorgeous is the packaging? #SuckerForMarketing

Cream Cleaner – Mrs. Meyer’s: how many times have you tried to scrub your grout / around your sinks / your bathroom tub stopper / tub jets to no avail and to the demise of many a manicure? I have, especially in our new house, and it’s not only frustrating, but a huge time-waster if it doesn’t give you any results. Enter this luxurious cream cleaner in a zesty lemon verbena fragrance! I can’t wait to give this a try for our new tile and sinks in the new house because I think it’s the best of both the scrubbing and cleansing worlds.

Latex Gloves: like I said, I’ve lost many a manicure to cleaning. Looking forward to grabbing a couple pairs of these to use to protect my hands, especially in the colder months when I can’t seem to keep them moisturized. These promise not to pickle your digits and they also promise to stand up to any cleanser you use, so that’s a win-win in my book!

Dish Brush: y’all, we love using our cast iron skillet but hate the chore of cleaning it. We always try to clean it immediately after using it and work to re-season it so it has that delicious flavor after each and every steak we cook in it. But cleaning it with salt and water and a washcloth just isn’t the same as using this sturdy and adorable little brush, and I think it would make all the difference for us moving forward. It’s available in just the brush or the brush and dish combo, which I think would work near any sink in the house!

Cleaning Caddy: by now you know I have quite a few favorite cleaning supplies, but I hate lugging them around our house or worse, leaving them in each room as I’m cleaning and then calling for Jordan to help me find them. (This usually only happens when I’m cleaning late at night, but it has definitely happened, y’all.) This sweet little caddy is the answer to that prayer and it’s a lovely enameled finish that is pretty enough to leave out on a counter, which is a fun bonus. Plus, it holds a ton of cleaning products and towels so you’re always ready to clean, not to mention it would make a killer hostess gift paired with the fall Mrs. Meyer’s bundle.

Stoneware Tray: I’m a sucker for white stoneware in my kitchen, especially for everyday since it goes with anything on any occasion and always looks crisp. The same can be said of this little tray, and I would love to nestle a hand soap, hand cream, the cutie little brush above, and the walnut scrubbers for a pretty and functional use in the kitchen. These would be gorgeous in each bathroom, too, because you could avoid the struggle of scraping soap gel off the countertop and just throw it in the dishwasher instead.

Cleaning Concentrates: these will work great in any container you already own and you can mix up the supplies you need on an as-needed basis. I love that they’re customizable, fresh, and easy-to-store (just keep out of reach of little ones!), plus you get quite a few uses out of each. And my favorite part about these is the fragrance: orange and rosemary promise a fresh, sweet, and inviting scent for your home, clean after clean!

I hope you’ll explore Grove Collaborative and test out some of these products with me!



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