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Even though our master closet is going to be an upgrade from our current closet, we’re looking forward to paring down and getting organized before, during, and after we move so we can really enjoy our current wardrobes. That’s not an easy task, especially for someone who loves clothes and shoes (hint: that person isn’t my hubby), and it can be a costly one since some closet organization pieces can be expensive. But I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite pieces from At Home to stay on-track on the budget and keep the closet looking pristine from closing and beyond.

Laundry Hamper: let’s start with the basics, shall we? You’ve got to have a functional laundry hamper to house your dirty clothes, so why not choose one with a little style that offers some serious functionality and privacy? I love the sharp shape of this hamper, and it doesn’t break the bank, so you could get one for whites, colors, and dark clothing to make laundry a breeze!

Baskets: I love a good basket for staying organized, and this copper one is a glamorous alternative to your everyday bins and tubs. Pile in workout clothing, socks, seasonal items like bathing suits and beach towels, or extra bed linens to make them easy to spot in your closet and even easier to get to. These look amazing tucked into a shelf, but they really sparkle atop open storage at the top of your closet. And these babies are perfect for a pretty chalk label to help you keep track of your items year-round.

Velvet Hangers: what’s a closet without hangers? These pretty hangers are slim, strong, and sexy–if you can call a hanger sexy–in terms of their sleek shape. They hold onto even the silkiest shirts and can house anything from a tee to a mink stole (trust me). I love them in a mink gray color to help them blend in rather than stand out in the closet, but they come in just about every color under the sun, so check them out! Plus, they’re incredible space-savers for your clothing items, so that’s an extra bonus!

Shoe Rack: so, in an ideal world you have a closet big enough for all your shoes. Sure, that’s someone’s reality, but it isn’t ours, so we’ve always invested in these inexpensive shoe racks to keep our items easy to reach for and in our sight but out of the way while we’re getting ready. These tame shelves house a lot of shoes and are great if you prefer to swap out your seasonal pieces.

Wooden Bins: I love these for your unmentionable items because they’re stackable, pretty, and completely opaque, so you can store just about anything in them. They lend themselves well to any room in the house, and I love this gorgeous gray wood color. I’m looking forward to investing in a few of these to hide my clutches and flip-flops in the off-season!

Underbed Storage: what would we do without underbed storage? For this insanely low price, you can stow away your college tees that you’d rather not part with as well as cashmere sweaters in the summer or extra towels for your guest bath — whatever suits your fancy. These guys are huge and store so much so you don’t have to fret over a packed-to-the-brim closet. They’re also super easy to get to, which makes them easy to remove for adding items and cleaning. If you don’t have a lot of money to spend on your closet and you need to free up a lot of space, these are the answer!

Scarf Hanger: y’all, scarves take up so much space in your closet. Seriously. Mine take up an entire short bar in our closet right now, and while that solution works temporarily, it’s not a great use of space in our home. Enter the blessed scarf hanger, the unsung hero of closet organization. Not only does it effortlessly store a ton of scarves, but it also houses pesky-to-store-items like belts and even lightweight strappy purses. Pick up a couple and enjoy selecting your scarves each day instead of fumbling through drawers or bins full of them!

Hooks: whether they’re 3M hooks, individual hooks, or in a handy bar like this, a few simple hooks can provide you space to hang your outfit each day, to store your dry cleaning items each week, or just hang your robe on each morning. You’ll use these more than anything else in your closet–trust me–so pick up a couple options to install to maximize your space.


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