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If you haven’t guessed by now, I love jewelry. Always have, always will. Baubles of all shapes and sizes, trendy items and classic, heirlooms and fast-fashion–they’ve all got a place in my jewelry collection, and that means I’ve accumulated quite a few pieces over the years. Since I don’t quite have the space for an entire jewelry closet to peruse at my leisure (not yet anyway), I try to be crafty with the storage options I do have and maximize the pretty and functional factors.

While I’ve been on the hunt for new organization options for the house, these jewelry organization items caught my attention — take a look!

Acrylic Trays: You can’t miss with an acrylic tray or two when it comes to jewelry storage. Not only are these extremely durable and easy-to-clean, but they’ll last forever and will happily house numerous pieces without distracting from the surface they’re on. Plus, they’re inexpensive and versatile! Pile your everyday bits and baubles onto these and enjoy.

Bauble Box: So, this particular item may not be the most budget-friendly item on the list, but gosh, it’s pretty. This little beauty is a customizable bauble box from Kendra Scott designed to house all your favorite pieces. While it’d take a pretty penny to stock up on enough to house all of your jewelry, I think it’d be a beautiful way to store special pieces.

Acrylic T-Bar: This gorgeous piece also comes from Kendra Scott and it’s the perfect way to store your more delicate (read: prone to tangling) pieces. I love that it’s a piece of art itself and thus makes whatever you put on it even prettier by default. Not the least expensive item, but it works if you’re looking for a boutique feel in your daily life!

Earring Tree: I remember these from my infinite trips to Claire’s as a child, and Kendra Scott has given them a fashionable, minimalist upgrade that is perfect for your jewelry storage. Again, it won’t house all of your pieces, but it will help you get to the ones you reach for all the time a little quicker and easier.

3-Tier Tray: I love using unexpected items for jewelry storage, and this little tray that’s perfect for macaroons for a tea party is also perfect for your baubles. This piece has a vintage, polished feel that will be at home in just about any closet or atop any dresser.

Stone Tray: This luxurious, customizable tray is the most gorgeous way to show off your favorite pieces. While it doesn’t have a lip to contain each of your items, I love the various styling possibilities this pretty tray offers. Even if it’s not quite your cup of tea, I encourage you to check out the website to see all the different stone options!

Copper Catchall: Just like the acrylic trays, catchalls are perfect for all the bits and baubles you find yourself using everyday, and I love this warm monogrammed option. Perfect for those of you who want something a little more understated but still polished.

Glass Cloche Jewelry Storage: How pretty are these? I love the varied sizes and metals available via Pottery Barn. These are perfect for those pieces you want to show off but you don’t use as often. Plus, those of you who hate the oxidation of your precious metals can enjoy a little extra protection by way of this gorgeous glass bell!


Let me know what you think!

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