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Y’all, what a difference a couple of days makes in the home-building business. We were just falling in love with the textured walls and paint colors when we got blessed with our trim and cabinetry, and our house is really starting to feel like our home! Take a look at some of our favorite features!

First, here are our interior craftsman doors:

Here’s a sneak peek into our pantries! We can’t wait to fill this up with all sorts of kitchen goodies and gadgets.

And while we’re in the kitchen, let’s take a look at the built-in, shall we?

The crown molding and trim throughout the house are a modern and transitional type, so they’ve got a little variation and suit each space well. I love how they’re looking in the entryway:

And one of my favorite rooms: the laundry room! The top shot is to show you the difference the trim can make on even the simplest cabinets!

We’re loving the gorgeous space of the living room and can’t wait to settle in there:

And you guys, look at the pretty master closet!

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