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We’re in the exciting and terrifying time each homebuyer faces: the 30-day call prep. We’re awaiting the call that will let us know when to expect to move in, when to set up our closing appointment, when to sign on the dotted line, and when to withdraw a good hunk of cash for our closing costs, and y’all, it’s been a hard time. As we’re both planners, the sit-and-wait approach is especially tough, and we’re so looking forward to turning our key in the front door we can hardly stand it.

So, naturally, I’m here to share with you some things we’ve learned during this tenuous period before the blessed 30-day call comes in!


…to wait. Seriously. The concrete can be delayed, painters could have mixed-up schedules, the mailbox may be backordered, there may be a family crisis for one of your homebuilding team members–you get the point. Something could come up to prevent your original closing date from being your actual closing date. As was the case with us, our home is going to be ready one month ahead of schedule, which is great for impatient people, but bad for those who are renting (*cough cough*). Thus, it’s easier if you plan for everything to go awry so that when it does, you can roll with the punches instead of getting twisted up about it.


Much like prepping to go into labor, you need to have a tentative plan so you’re ready to move quickly when things do take an unexpected turn. For some, this is as simple as making a short list and grabbing some boxes from your local peeps, but for others, this can entail intensive packing, planning, organizing, purging, and scheduling. Being prepared limits your anxiety about the coming days and will help you enjoy the process so much more, so this is a worthwhile option to consider as you inch closer to the 30-day call.


Really, clear it as much as you can. Limit your crucial appointments to before or after your move and allow yourself plenty of flexibility in your schedule to meet with contractors, sign off on the work in your home, finalize details, and, of course, close and move in. With the impending 30-day call, we’re told to expect at least 4 or 5 appointments to square away last-minute details, and those are going to be fun appointments! They’ll be even more enjoyable because we’re planning to take some time out of our day to really soak them up.


Even though you’ve got a plan, you’re ready to be flexible, and you’ve cleared your schedule, it never hurts to be efficient when lining up your closing appointments. Try to cluster like appointments together so you can get a lot accomplished in a short amount of time. You won’t regret it, and, if you’re like us, you’ll have a few moments to celebrate these milestones with a coffee or ice cream treat!

I hope these tips are helpful — I know how brutal it is waiting for the loan and building offices to line up and finalize everything for you!

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