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Y’all, with our thirty-day call right around the corner, there’s one piece of our house we have yet to choose: landscape. This is a daunting task for us as we’re certainly no horticulturists, but with some careful guidance and research, I think we can choose some options that will be hardy and pretty in our brand new flowerbeds. While we’re exploring, I thought it’d be fun to share my landscape crushes with you in case you’re in the mood for some new flowers / bushes / plants for your home, too!

Dwarf Bonfire Peach Tree: this little beauty produces little bitty peaches (eee!) and has the most gorgeous crimson, magenta, and deep purple leaves throughout the seasons. We’re crushing on the color and its precious size for our front flowerbeds!

Coleus: this is a common landscape option, but not in this particular variety. I love the bright green and deep purple variation as well as the pretty diamond shape of the leaves — picture this beauty with black mulch and some funky pumpkins in just a couple months! Pretty, right?

Sweet Caroline Purple Sweet Potato Vine : seriously, this is drop-dead gorgeous. The deep purple color, the beautiful shape of the leaves, and the trailing opportunity make this pretty plant a frontrunner for our landscape options.

Honeywort: this is such a unique little beauty we couldn’t help but consider it! The incredible colors in the bloom and the delicate stems make for some pretty outstanding landscape options!

Flowering Kale: how basic is kale, right? But this beauty is a flowering variety that would be lovely nestled into a pot on the porch or as the center of a small garden.

Coleus: we love the coleus for its incredible variety of color and hardiness, and this one doesn’t disappoint. The bright purple veins are breathtaking!

Dusty Miller: this is such a peculiar plant we couldn’t help but consider it. The silvery color and sharp shape of the leaves are so striking, especially against a dark background, spring blooms, or with some pumpkins nestled in.

Ninebark: okay, this is the Insta-ready model sibling to all the other plants on this list. The unusual dark leaves and white blooms are so lovely, and it’s designed to thrive in just about any environment. Sign us up!

Black Mondo Grass: you may be familiar with the bright green-and-white-striped version of mondo grass, but did you know it comes in black, too? The rich color and lithe blades make it a top pick for some height and texture variety in our garden.

There you have it! What are your favorite landscape options?

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  1. This is one of my favorite house updates you have done. You know how I love plants and I think you have inherited some of that from me…..but I KNOW how your Daddy loves gardening, too! I hope you have inherited his “green thumb” and persistence with his love of garden beauty. You have made some stunning and unusual choices! Love them all, and love you….xoxo❤️

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