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While this may not be the most widely anticipated post in the house update series, it’s one of the most exciting for us: concrete! We’re pumped to share pictures of our house really starting to look like a house, and to showcase the fabulous patio and porch that we’re planning to enjoy as soon as we move in!

Our plan can accommodate two separate patios, but we thought we’d get more use out of one extended patio, so that’s what we chose. After seeing it in person, it’s safe to say we made the right call for our little family — it’s gorgeous space we’ll enjoy through each of our seasons in the heartland.

And as for our porch, we’re ready to move in today if it means sipping a cup of coffee there every morning! Take a look:

This peculiar shot needs a bit of an explanation: we chose rounded edges for our patio so we wouldn’t fall on them and little ones would have a tougher time tripping over them while playing in our backyard. Also, I’m clumsy and famous for getting my feet tangled up, so this will keep me upright for longer (hopefully).

The porch and patio are the stuff of dreams for us, and we couldn’t be happier with how they’ve turned out!

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