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Y’all, this has to be one of my favorite little sneak peeks to share with you: paint! So, here’s the long version: Jordan and I did all our selections in March and felt really great about them. Paint, brick, stone, lighting–the works. It all fell right into place and we have slept like babies since because we’ve felt so good about our choices.

However, I had a nightmare that the gray we chose for the walls had a crazy green tint and didn’t go with anything in the house,
and so our awesome construction manager let us bring samples of paint to test in our house to make sure we love them before we paint the whole house in them.

And, lo and behold, we do still love them (and we maybe love them even more now that we’ve seen them in person!), so take a look:

This sweet trio is going to cover the whole house, but you’ve got to wait to see exactly where each color is going to go! Here’s a closeup of each color we’re using:

Sherwin Williams Silverpointe is a great neutral gray that has a pure gray cast in almost all light. If it pulls any color, I’d say it’s in the blue variety, so if you’re hunting for a crisp, cool tone gray, this is a wonderful one to try!

Sherwin Williams Steely Gray is in the same pure gray color family, but it doesn’t have any undertones except black, which we love. It’s a gorgeous rich gray that makes an impact just about anywhere you put it!

What’s a new-construction home without a sharp white? We chose Sherwin Williams Extra White for a really bright contrast to our other selections, and I think it’s going to make the rest of the accents in the house really zing! If you want something that is the absolute purest white you can find — I mean, not a drop of ecru, eggshell, cream, or beige — take a look at this one. It’s the cleanest color in the bunch!

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