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By now you know we’re making some insane progress on the house (eee!) and it’s starting to look more like us every day. I shared a tile sneak peek a few posts ago (check it out here!) and I’m pleased to share the completed tile with you today!

Let’s start with arguably my favorite part of the house: the entryway!

We chose a darker gray tile with sterling grout as our main focal point throughout the tiled parts of the house since they do have such an impact. We love the larger size, variation in color and texture of each tile, and the impact throughout the lengthy entry! And just take a look at how it appears in kitchen:

Seriously, the built-in really shines with the grounded dark flooring, doesn’t it? I can’t wait to see the laundry room all set up — it will almost make doing laundry fun!

On a lighter note, we’re loving the light gray tile in the guest bath. The diamond lay and travertine trim was a risky combination because of the drama and variation, but I think it will really look sharp once everything is painted and in place:

And, speaking of drama, the master bath feels like our own little slice of heaven:

The pale gray tile with sterling grout is airy, light, and will really feel clean under just about any circumstances!

I can’t wait to share some more updates with you soon! Big changes are on their way and the house is looking more like a home every single day!

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