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Since we’ve been shopping for a new fridge and lingering in the appliances aisles everywhere we go, I thought it might be fun to share a quick review of our washer and dryer in case anyone else is planning a move and looking for some new appliances.

Here’s a peek at our laundry room in our current home:

Our washer and dryer are Samsung high-efficiency front-loaders in a bright white color (which will look lovely in our new laundry room!) with pedestal storage underneath each. We’ve been using these bad boys for just under two years and have been astounded by how quiet they are and how quickly and efficiently they clean. We’ve been using our usual fabric softeners, fragrance beads, and dryer sheets, but we switched to Tide pods when we moved from our apartment and got these.

For anyone who’s looking: yes, they may be pricier than a few other models on the market, but they’re worth the investment–the install and first uses are seamless and they have continued to work beautifully since the first load of laundry. One feature I love about both the washer and dryer is that they’re extremely customizable, so say you want to wash a delicate dress and dry it without altering it one iota for exactly 1 hour and 42 minutes, you can certainly do that. Or say you have a rug that the dogs have gotten muddy that needs a few extra rinses — do it! And finally, if you’re at church and trying to kill two laundry birds with one stone to keep your clothes looking fresh, dry them and set to delay end so they don’t get wrinkly between worship and lunch.

As for the storage drawers: they pay for themselves. They have an incredible amount of space in each and handy dividers to help you keep a handle on clutter. We store spare linens and lightbulbs in ours in addition to our cleaning supplies, and there’s still room for more.

Take a look at these over Labor Day for great sales and don’t be afraid of some fun color — my mama and daddy have these in bright teal that is just gorgeous in their laundry room!


Let me know what you think!

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