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You’re almost to the finish line of the Sheetrock updates and I’ve saved a few of my favorites for last: the master bath, bedroom, and closet, laundry room, and the flex room. What a difference this week of insulation and Sheetrock has made in our house!

laundry room

As you know, our current laundry room has given us a few headaches, so we’re definitely drooling over this space. Can’t wait to share an update when the cabinets and mudbench are installed (soon!).

flex room - 4

The flex room is really taking shape and I’m consistently pleased by how much space is available for us to use. Can’t wait to see the funky light we chose for the flex room!

flex room - 4

Just a single shot of the master bedroom’s finest feature: the windows! The ceilings are particularly special in here, and it’s going to be a joy to wake up in this space every day!

master bath 4

master bath 4

bath 4
Are you sick of bathroom pics yet? We just love the master bathroom’s efficient features and pretty details. They’re definitely looking good with the Sheetrock updates!

master closet 4

Okay, so the master closet is more than just one corner, but it’s been really tough to get a good photo since the shape is so rectangular. Thus, here’s a shot of the interior, and to help you visualize it, it’s got a sweater shelf, a shoe shelf, two full-length rods, and three half rods. Things should shape up when we get cabinetry soon!

Stay tuned for an appliance review tomorrow that you don’t want to miss!

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