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This is probably my favorite update to share with you: the kitchen, dining room, nook between the laundry and master, and the living room. Buckle up, because we’ve got a lot to cover!

nook - 3
This little nook hasn’t gotten much screen time, but it’s a sweet detail I’m looking forward to. It’s a little recessed space between the laundry room and master bedroom that I’m picturing a little table and lamp on to make full use of the space.

kitchen - 3

kitchen 3

kitchen 3

Ah, the kitchen. It’s going to be the most-used spot in the house and I can’t wait to see it with our selections all in place. The Sheetrock really helped us visualize where our cabinets were going to be, where our backsplash will be, and the depth of our pantries. And speaking of pantries…

built-in 3

What would this post be without a shot of the built in? Seriously, this is the best customization we’ve had a chance to do in our house. I think it’s going to serve us well as our family grows, and I’m looking forward to maximizing this space for entertaining! Plus, I found the perfect mirror for the built in while we were adventuring to HomeGoods this weekend!

dining room

dining room

I don’t want to overlook our sweet dining room because it’s going to be quite the space, especially when we get our chandelier hung. Since Jordan and I are coffee-table-eaters, we’re looking forward to sitting at the dining table at least a few times once we move in.

living room

living room

living room

living room

living room

The living room is one of the greatest transformations we’ve seen yet! The brightness and expansiveness really feel enhanced with the huge windows and clean lines of the ceiling. The next big update is really going to transform the room even more — trim and paint! Can’t wait to see all the little details in place.

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