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Welcome to the first of four Sheetrock updates! I was going to share everything at once, but I think it’ll be more fun to explore each aspect of the house in stages, especially since major transformative updates are just starting. Thus, today’s post is going to dive deeper into the garage and entryway — take a look!

The garage in our current home was once a mechanic’s dream, and now it’s an oil-splattered, fluorescent-light mess that houses a microwave cart, a few wreaths, and our two cars. Can’t wait to get into this new garage!

garage - 1

garage - 1

Ah, the entryway. If you’ve been on the blog for more than five seconds or followed me on social media, odds are you’re seeing the entry more than anywhere else in the house! That’s because it’s not only the main thoroughfare in the house to get to each bedroom, bathroom, laundry room, and the kitchen, but it’s also one of the most dramatic in terms of design.

entry - 1

entry - 1

entry - 1

entry - 1

entry - 1

entry - 1

Isn’t it wild what a difference Sheetrock can make? I feel like we’re seeing our plan in a whole new way now that we can visualize the space better!

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