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Ready for a sneak peak of the tile throughout our house? This is one of the most transformative updates so far, and y’all, we are loving our tile selections! Our construction manager was kind enough to sneak me through the house while our team was completing the tile work (read: I hopped over wet mortar to take some snapshots of the house), so more complete photos will follow, but these are enough to help you envision our tiled spaces!

Here’s the main tile in the entryway, laundry, dining room, and kitchen:
Kitchen and dining tile

The dark color and major variation in the tile will help disguise dirt and keep cooking casualties at bay in the kitchen and dining rooms, and I think it was a good choice for our main thoroughfare in the entryway because of its dirt-hiding abilities.

Here’s the guest bathroom:

It’s tough to see without proper lighting, but this tile is a light gray that will eventually have sterling grout and it’s laid in a diamond pattern for some visual interest since literally the whole bathroom will be shades of gray or stainless (be still my heart!). This one doesn’t have hardly any variation from tile to tile, but it’s not a flat one-color tile, either. It was the perfect choice for us when considering our cabinet color, finishes, and paint color.

Ready for the finale? Take a look at the master bathroom:
Master Tub

We love the Carrera marble subway tiles for a fresh take on a classic we both admire. The subway tiles are oversized, which help give the bath some slimming space, and I love the diamond pattern they chose to finish the top of the partition in.

Master Bath shower

This combination of tumbled travertine, the subway tiles, and the soft dove gray tiles in a brick lay just took my breath away. I’m thrilled to see the sleek shower, which will be the first thing someone sees in the master bath, set off by the travertine square tiles in a variety of gray shades, all of which will be accented by the sweet gray tiles throughout the bathroom. These are the same as the ones in the guest bath in case you’re having trouble picturing the color — big difference, huh?

We’re told cabinetry and trim will be delivered and installed this week, which means we’ll have backsplash and fireplace tile to explore — stay tuned, because we picked some show-stoppers for those selections!

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