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You guys, my mama and I have been wanting to see Ree Drummond’s Mercantile in Pawhuska since we saw the first press release about it. Seriously. We’ve been fortunate to meet Ree on a couple of occasions and knew we’d love it whenever we had a chance to visit, and I’m happy to report we finally had a moment to visit yesterday and it didn’t disappoint!

We got to shop at the Merc and eat some delicious baked goodies upstairs in the bakery before heading out to the lodge tours in the afternoon. If you’re interested in going, keep reading! This post has some helpful hints, hacks, and items you can’t miss if you’re planning to visit!


Obviously, unless you live in Pawhuska, you’re going to be planning your trip. But I mean really dig into the details, carve out a day, and set up some flexible plans so you don’t miss anything. My mama and I knew what we wanted to do (shop, eat, tour, visit) and in which order, and we also knew what was negotiable (restaurant dining, parking). Take a few minutes to think through how you’d like your visit to go, visit The Mercantile’s website to preview menus, products, and directions, and then go for it! It’s an easy trip and a really fun one, but a little planning sure does make it go smoothly.


This may seem silly, especially for those of you who prefer to serendipitously find fabulous items when you shop, but the odds are that the shop will be busy. (Read: you will feel like a sardine at times.) Everything you see online won’t be available in the store, but many items will be, and you’ll stumble upon new ones as you browse. Making a mental note of items you can’t live without will help you find those first, then browse for some unexpected finds. And there are so many! I’ll share my faves at the end of this post!


You have to. Even if it’s a bite of candy or a sweet tea, you have to grab a little treat while you’re there. Mama and I opted for a fruit tart and Ladd’s famous chocolate pie (outstanding!), but The Merc has everything you could possibly want and then some, and then some cookbooks and tools so you can recreate your favorite dishes yourself. It’s a no-brainer. Plus, the bakery is a gorgeous place to sip a coffee and recharge while you’re shopping.


Okay, this is personal, but y’all know what road trips mean and The Merc is full of road-trippers. This means the restrooms are always hoppin’ and you’ll want to visit there first so you can really enjoy your trip! Also, if the lines are crazy down in the shop, head upstairs to much less congested restrooms around the bakery!


Mama and I chose these sweet butterflies for our souvenir items from The Merc:

There are countless options. Ceramic items, hand-stitched items, cast iron items (!!), functional items, bedazzled items, etc. Take a look and pick up a couple sentimental pieces to remember your trip by. I’ve already got some earrings in this lovely little dish and it’s a heartwarming reminder of our great day together!


That’s probably why you’re visiting The Merc in the first place, right? Get your tickets right off the bat and visit early in the day to avoid bigger crowds that come from the lunch rush. The lodge is not to be missed and a gorgeous spot to see — the acreage is astounding and just wait until you see the cattle and wild horses! Oh, and make sure your phone is charged so you can take 1000 pictures. You’ll definitely want to!

Ready for some items I couldn’t live without?

These sweet white-and-gray marbled spice dishes will look great in the new house holding peppercorns, salt, and seasoning. I’m looking forward to using the little tray for baubles in a bathroom or dresser! They’re available in teal and plum, too, if you want something a little more colorful!

For those of you who like lightweight statement pieces, check out this pretty pendant. It’s available in a variety of veining so you can choose something wild or simple to set off your fall tops! Also available in a turquoise stone and wood beads.

What’s a trip to The Merc without the signature necklace, right? Can’t wait to wear this all year. It’s extremely well made and very versatile!

I debated the whole time we ate today whether I should get the buffalo cutting board, and I’m so happy I did. It’s impeccably crafted and beautiful from every angle! Also, I couldn’t leave without these gorgeous little OK coasters. They’re splinter-free and the sweetest accent to any coffee table!

I hope you’ll check out The Merc soon — it’s so much fun!



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