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Today’s post is one many of you have probably been anticipating: hiccups in the building process. We haven’t had many, and the few we have had have been minor (thank goodness!) but in the interest of transparency, I thought I’d share them with you.


We got a text from our designer earlier this week that our carpet, which was the perfect dove gray color we picked as soon as we saw it in the lineup, was backordered and not a possibility for us to use in our home (!). This normally wouldn’t have been a huge issue, but we chose all our other selections from the floors up, so it did pose a little more of an issue because of that fact. When we went to go re-select new carpet, we were dismayed to find that almost all of the other options had some sort of tan undertone, and as y’all know, I’m on the warpath against tan / buttercream / yellow as literally every other place Jordan and I have been in, individually or together, has had tan / brown carpet and some form of creamy yellow walls. (There’s nothing wrong with this color palette — my mama made a gorgeous French country living room, kitchen, and dining room out of this palette and I’m definitely a fan, just looking to switch it up for our new place!) Fortunately we had another great experience at Star Flooring and the awesome designer we worked with helped us choose a carpet that was a level up in quality and the same gorgeous sterling gray.

Here’s what we learned: Always, always, always have a backup. If you upgrade, have an upgrade backup, and another backup that’s in your allowance. Choose a backup for each carpet and tile you choose, as well as lighting and paint color. This is something we tried to do throughout the selections process, and actually did for everything except the carpet (of course), and it does really cut down on your stress during the build to know that if something doesn’t come in as expected, gets damaged, or is no longer available, you’ve got a plan B that you like (almost) just as well. Also, it doesn’t hurt to check with your builder / designer / foreman / whoever you’re working with to make sure nothing else is at risk of being unavailable at any point during the process so you’re prepared, especially if you have to take time off work to figure out another option.


We recently discovered (and by “recently discovered,” I mean we found out yesterday) that our main tile has been discontinued. You can imagine our shock when we heard this since we’re planning to start tile on Thursday. The sweet designer we worked with told us that there was enough ordered for our plan (thank goodness!), but when we had to choose a different carpet, we didn’t have a tile to compare it with originally, so it made things a little bit tougher. This goes along with my earlier point of always having a backup, but I want to underscore the importance of something else: be ready to be flexible. We were dismayed to only have a phone pic of our selections, which included our backsplash tile, bathroom tile, grout, fireplace, a sample cabinet color, tile, and the discontinued carpet, because that photo only provided a partial picture for us to use to move forward. And while we’ve memorized our selections (we’re the annoying people who know the names, the grades, the company, etc.), it’s easy to get overwhelmed if you have to switch things up at the last minute.

Here’s what we learned: Things are going to change. We did our selections in March and wrapped a bow around them then, thinking there was only a slim chance our choices wouldn’t be available when we got to those milestones in our build. But, surprise! We had to change an integral piece of our design selections this week and we had almost no turnaround time to do so. The good news that my precious mama reminded me of is the fact that things can always go better than planned, as they did with our carpet, and that’s something to hold onto. Be prepared to for something to mess up your best-laid plans, but also be prepared that things can take a turn for the better, and you’ll be in a great spot moving through the build process.


I saved the best for last! Our home is being built way ahead of the original schedule. To give you some backstory — we signed our lease last October for another year in our rental, then decided in November that we wanted to build and started the process. We were fortunate to work with a builder who was willing to delay our build to better suit our ideal move-in and close month of October 2017, so we delayed the build start date until late May. When we started the process then, it was slated to take 140-150 days from dirt to chandeliers, but believe it or not, we’re almost a month ahead of schedule. This is something that even in our wildest dreams we didn’t think was possible, because we’ve had so many friends tell us their horror stories about how their builds took extra weeks, months, and, in a couple cases, years more than they planned on. We were prepared to be behind schedule due to rain and crazy summer weather, and we have not had a drop of rain delay anything. This is certainly not a bad problem to experience when building your dream home, but it does have its own unique set of stressors for us since we’re renting through the end of October.

Here’s what we learned: Start gathering your boxes and getting a move-out plan together about three months before you think you’ll need them. I haven’t had a baby, but I imagine this process is somewhat like the delivery and due date — unpredictable, stressful, and anxiety-inducing because you’re equal parts excited and unprepared. We have some generous friends who have given us boxes to start the packing process, so we’re already getting prepped to move (more on that soon!), but it’s safe to say one more month of waiting / packing / planning would make us breathe a sigh of relief. Just as much as you’re prepared for things to be delayed, be prepared for things to be streamlined and ahead of schedule, because that’s just as possible!

Overall, we’ve so enjoyed the building process and the insane progress of watching our dream home materialize in a matter of months. We’re thrilled about everything (except closing, because who’s excited about spending that much in a matter of minutes) and can’t wait to have those keys in our hands!

More room-by-room updates coming to you soon — just thought I’d share this while it’s fresh on my mind!



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