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Our home wouldn’t be a proper southern home without a front porch, and this is one feature I think we’ll use endlessly! Our plan really focuses on usable, family-friendly space, and I think the front porch may be one of my favorite examples of that. It’s been wonderful to see the progression of the porch from a lump of dirt to this gorgeous, inviting space! All we need now is the concrete, and our gas lines were marked when we drove past the house yesterday, so that’s coming soon!

Here’s the porch in its wee framing stages:

I took these shots standing on the ground where the concrete of the porch will be. What a pretty view! I mean, minus the porta potty.

Here’s the porch in the home wrap stages:

The day we pulled up and saw the house with the siding up was a joyous day! Even though we had other plans for the siding than the tan color, I think it still frames the porch space well:

Like I said, we had other plans that didn’t involve tan for the exterior…

I’ll whip up an exterior post soon so we can go into all the little details, but the short version of it is we’re in love with the color palette of the exterior! Remember that pretty blue patio door? (No? Check it out here!) Well, we decided to carry that gorgeous blue to the front of the house, too!

If you’re in the market for a fresh, crisp, Nantucket-style update to your home, I suggest you explore Sherwin Williams’ Naval Blue and Eider White. (I have one more color suggestion, too, but I’ll wait until it gets painted to share that with you!) Naval is the perfect true navy, and Eider White has gray undertones that make it zing in the sunlight and under storm clouds alike.

PS: did you know you can dash into any Sherwin Williams store and grab all of their paint samples in a handy bound swatch book? It’s free to do and helps you plan around existing furniture and fixtures. A word of warning: you will fall in love with more colors than you can possibly use!

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More room-by-room posts are coming your way this week! Follow along to stay updated, because things are moving quickly! πŸ™‚


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