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This is one post I’m thrilled to write because I’m so excited for a new laundry room! Y’all know it feels like we’re always doing laundry, and we enjoy our washer and dryer so much already, even if they do have doors that open the wrong way since the house we’re in was built before the front-loading high efficiency machines became popular.

The updates aren’t too exciting right now simply because the laundry room is just framed and prepped for our washer and dryer, but it’s still a neat space I’m happy to share with you!

One thing I love about the laundry room in our new house is the incredible opportunity to stay organized, even as our little family of two grows over the years. The laundry room will have our washer and dryer, obviously, with the storage underneath, but we did decide to do something a little unusual since we had the chance, and that was to remove the drip rod completely.

Crazy, I know, but hear me out: we’re tall people and our washer and dryer are lifted by the storage pieces underneath. We’ve only ever used our current drip rod to house a pair of curtains I use around Valentine’s day. That’s it! So it just makes sense for us to make a change there. Plus, we store a first-aid kit, cleansers, lightbulbs, extra linens, and other miscellaneous house items in our laundry room and end up drying our delicate items on the dining table, so it’s safe to say we won’t miss the drip rod a bit.

So, instead of the drip rod and cabinetry, we doubled up on some awesome cabinets that will make complete use of the room and help us stay tidy for years to come. Can’t wait to see them in place in just a few weeks!

There is one little surprise you’re going to have to wait to see — stay tuned for the next round of laundry room updates so you don’t miss it!

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