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It may seem strange that this post is all about our entryway, but y’all, it’s one of the coolest features of the house! The way our home is set up, the entryway serves as the main hall in the house to maximize our usable space, which is an aspect of the design we really love. Plus, we’re dying to see the chandeliers we chose during our selections phase finally sparkling and in place!

The entryway has had one of the best transformations out of all the rooms so far:

We love the modern feel of the entryway without the barrel arches, so the addition of the barrel arch in the entry at the last second made us both a little bit nervous. But after seeing it in person from every angle, it’s safe to say we’re sold on the pretty arches throughout!

And you guys, we have a front door! It’s not the final door, of course, but it makes us feel so official to twist that knob and walk over the (debris, nails, stone, etc.) threshold. We had a few moments thinking about all the people we love passing through that door, all the pets that will run out, all the little hands that will tug on the doorknob, all the sweet memories ahead in the coming years, and we got excited about it all over again. Those emotions almost take the sting out of the closing costs. (Almost.)

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