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Thanks for bearing with me through a month of down time! As I’m sure it’s been for you, it’s been a busy month for us with finalizing some house details, wrapping up my daddy’s cancer treatment (wahoo!), and working like mad. With August comes a new challenge for us: to start packing the house and prepping for our move because y’all, it is coming faster than a freight train!

All that is to say, I’m happy to share some more in-depth house updates with you and will be moving at a much greater speed to keep up with all the changes, so buckle up and let’s get started with my favorite room in our house: the kitchen!

Because we don’t have Sheetrock in place just yet, you’ll have to imagine the walls for now, but stay tuned — Jordan and I were informed today we’ll have Sheetrock soon since they started on it today!

While it’s difficult to tell in the direct sun, this shot is from the framing stages of our build in the kitchen looking at where the cabinets, range hood, range, and main pantry will be:

We’re in love with the shape of the kitchen and how functional every piece of it is going to be for us! The greatest thrill will be the paint, countertops, and tile work in here, but we’re pumped about even the basic stages right now! Here are a few more current shots of the kitchen:

It’s going to be such a thrill to cook in this kitchen and we’re counting down the days. An awesome feature that we fell in love with during our selections process is the range hood and exhaust from the stove being concealed as a cabinet so it’s sleek and seamless. Can’t wait to see it in person in just a few weeks! The cabinetry on the other side of the pantry is just as gorgeous and we’re so excited to enjoy this awesome prep space and storage:

Can we just take a moment to appreciate the lovely pile of Sheetrock ready to be installed? Yay! And speaking of lovely things: feast your eyes on my favorite feature of the whole house!

Our built-in will easily be the most used space in the whole house, and we are so thrilled to see it progress. When we first explored plans, the one we ultimately chose stood out to us for the incredible china hutch space, which has become our custom built-in, as well as the awesome double pantries on either side. So that means we have three pantries to organize, which for most would be daunting, but for us, it’s paradise!

I hope you’re having a great week so far and that you’re ready for a fun August!

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More room-by-room posts are coming your way this week! Follow along to stay updated, because things are moving quickly! πŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “HOUSE UPDATE: KITCHEN

  1. Great to see a new post from you! Everything is looking good! Can’t wait for sheetrock….what a difference that will make! Love you so much….xoxo❀️🏑❀️

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