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Ready for another favorite room in our house? We love the dining room not because it’s the most used space, but because it’s our favorite place to gather with friends and family and we’re so looking forward to enjoying a new dining space. We have a precious breakfast nook in our current house, but we hardly use it because the coffee table is always more appealing, so here’s hoping this new dining room suits our stove-to-living-room dining style!

Our dining room is part of the kitchen and abuts the patio space, so we’re looking forward to steak dinners and s’mores in a whole new way:

One feature we find ourselves getting more and more excited about every day is the gorgeous window and all the natural light that comes into the kitchen. The day our windows were installed, we swooned to see this beauty in person:

Since our current patio space isn’t something we use all that much, we’re trying hard to make the new patio space inviting and we took a chance on something I think was worth it! Stay tuned for that sweet little surprise coming up soon!

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