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These are my favorite updates to share with you so far. Our house is finally starting to look like a house–complete with some functionality already!– and we’re starting to get into some of the most rewarding updates: the details. Our home is starting to reveal some of our selections, which we labored over and prayed about, and it’s been wonderful to see them in person instead of just on paper or in a punch list.

First, let’s start with a practical update: our roof. We’ve gotten everything framed and prepped for shingles any day now, and I’m so thrilled for the house to be more weather-proof and secure, not to mention prettier, with the addition of the roof. Here are the latest progress photos:

Roof closeup

Roof faraway

There isn’t anything special about our roof that differentiates it from others except for the fact that it will have extra protection from the elements and will be more eco-friendly than most. Can’t wait for the shingles to be added so we can start reaping those rewards sooner rather than later!

Speaking of eco-friendly, let’s talk about our fireplace, which got added last Friday! The fireplace is in the back of our home amidst all the hubbub of the dining room, kitchen, flex room, and even the master bedroom to a degree, and I’m thrilled to be able to use our fireplace to heat everything when we move in and the weather gets colder.

Fireplace 1

Fireplace 2

We chose some gorgeous stone and a beautiful mantel that I can’t wait to see in our house, especially with all the windows (which we’re told will be installed soon!).

And finally, my favorite of all the updates so far: our arches. This is a small detail that will make a huge difference once the house has Sheetrock, texture, and paint, and will help the house from feeling cold with all the clean lines and stainless steel. There are three arches that we’ve been dying to see in person: the kitchen built-in, the barrel arch in the entry, and the guest bath/bedroom archway:



kids rooms

These beauties are purely decorative, which is probably another reason I’m drooling over them, but I think they make such a huge difference in the home’s appearance. I can’t wait to see it all completed, but I will say, this was a wonderful surprise to find last week.

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Updates on each room are coming your way soon!



  1. Love these updates and really loved being with you at lunch yesterday! Seems like I never see you enough! xoxo. ❀️🏑❀️

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