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Okay, so you’re caught up on the foundation and framing stages and you’re ready for the next steps. Unless you’re a construction expert, you’ll be surprised to know that the next steps are cornices, the dormer, and the garage.

These were strange updates to follow along with, but they were definitely exciting to see because they help secure our house and give it its first bit of personality.

Here’s a shot of the cornices (long tan pieces of trim along the side and front of the house) right after they got put up:


For those of you who are learning along with me, cornices are the decorative piece of siding-looking wood that will help keep everything looking polished and prim once the roof, siding, brick, and stone are in place. They serve the same purpose as crown molding does, just on the exterior. Pretty neat!

So, after the cornices were finished, our team finished the dormer, which is a sweet little window in the attic. The dormer was started at the same time as the framing and will be finished when the exterior is completed since it is made up of siding, windows, shingles, and framing just like the rest of the exterior. Here’s a pic of it when it was in the framing process:


The dormer was something we loved about the house because it gives the craftsman style a little extra personality it wouldn’t otherwise have. And it’s going to be extra special when its windows are in and siding is painted!

The next update concerned the garage door and that was surprising to us since it’s something we always associated with a completed home. It makes sense to have it now, since it will secure the appliances, light fixtures, and other theft-worthy items that will get installed over the next few months, but we didn’t realize it would happen this early in the process. Here’s what it looks like:

Garage Door 3

Garage Door 4

We’re pleased to have chosen a ranch-style garage door with the elongated panels and black hardware because we have a few other exterior plans to tie everything together and give it a crisp curb appeal. The color of the garage door and trim is called Eider White and it’s by Sherwin Williams–check it out if you’ve hit the white wall (which happens when you’ve looked at so many white paint colors you can’t tell the difference) or you’re looking for a pretty trim color for your next home project.

A note about exterior paint color: it’s extremely difficult to land on an exterior paint color because it will look two shades brighter than the paint chip you see. If you look at the paint chip for Eider White, it almost looks tan, but as you can see on the garage door, it’s a bright white which will actually look even brighter against our other exterior color. So, if you’re on the hunt for a new exterior paint, tread lightly with your colors!

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