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Well, what a wild month! We’ve been busy with birthdays, work travel (more on that later!), and walking alongside my daddy in his cancer treatments (more on that later, too), all of which have zapped our month already!

As promised, I want to share some house updates! I’m excited to say that things have drastically changed since our last update (check it out here if you haven’t seen it already)! When I posted last, we had just settled into the fact that our foundation was poured and we were set to wait for eight straight days to let the foundation set up properly. Those were easily the most agonizing eight days since we were finally making progress and then we were forced to come to a standstill for a while, but I’m grateful for the chance to step back and appreciate that stage in its entirety.

As you know if you’re in the construction business or have built a home, after the foundation is set, things start blazing by, and we were stunned to find this completely true despite our wild Oklahoma weather! Our framing started June 14 and was completely finished by June 19, ahead of schedule and with impeccable attention to detail! Here are the progress pics:

Framing 1

Framing 2

Framing 3

Framing 4

Framing 5

Framing 6

Framing 7

Framing 8

Framing 9

Construction confession: we walked this before we were supposed to and spent a date night dodging nails and boards and unstable planks all around, but man, what a night! We stood where we’ll do laundry, where we’ll put the iced tea dispenser in our kitchen, where we’ll tuck little ones into bed, where we’ll park our cars, where we’ll watch the incredible Oklahoma sunsets in the summer, where our Christmas tree will be, and it was all surreal. This was one of the most fun parts of the process, because it not only solidified our love for the layout of the house, but it helped us visualize all the rooms for the first time in the building process, which was awesome to say the least. I loved being surprised by the closet sizes and the lushness of the laundry room–who knew that would be something to look forward to seeing?

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I’m going to break down the updates into more granular posts for each room this week to catch you up on the progress, so stay tuned! I hope you’re having a wonderful Saturday!



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