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Guys, I’ve been waiting to post since the last time you saw any house updates, we were just looking at a few piles of dirt and bundles of wood. Well, let me just say that things have quickly changed on our humble little lot, and it is truly amazing what can happen in a week! If you need to catch up on house updates, you can check out previous posts here.

Up to speed? Good! Here’s what’s happened since the last house update:


So after the subfloor was leveled out and the pile of wood was delivered, our awesome team had this puppy put up in a matter of hours to prep for foundation. Wildest part about stem walls: being flooded with memories of when I stepped on a nail and a board got semi-attached to my foot when I was 11 #funfactFriday. Still, positive memories abound when I see stem walls, because I know it’s the beginning of the end (of the construction process)!


Here we are with our stem walls right after they got finished (literally, the team was exiting the lot when we rolled up!). If you follow me on social media, you’ve already seen this (and the precious house cookies my parents brought for us!), but I’m thrilled enough about the progress to share it again just in case you haven’t seen it. We’re standing right in front of our future porch (I think!).


This was, surprisingly, one of the most exciting parts to see so far, because we got a chance to visualize where our plumbing will be, and thus, where our fabulous kitchen island will be. Jordan and I are counting down the days until the built-in and island are completed and ready to use!


This is a feature we’re really excited about, especially with all the earthquakes we’ve experienced lately. A difficult thing about seeing the house with just the cables is that it sets up a grid pattern that you can’t really deviate from in your mind, so we had a hard time visualizing where the rooms ended.


Many of these are iPhone shots because I’ve famously forgotten my camera the last few times we’ve been out to the lot, and some of them have been pretty far away, so excuse the graininess, but this is what you came for: FOUNDATION! They poured and set everything and now we wait until the middle of next week for the next steps.

We’re told that we can expect brick by the end of the month…What?! So stay tuned for more house updates! #longwayhome



  1. Loved this step by step update to where we are right now. Pictures are great. Maybe think about putting your entire “house magic….beginning to end” writing and pictures in a book. Would make the ultimate coffee table book. I think Walgreen’s can do that for you. Just a thought….xoxo love you so muchβ€οΈπŸ’‹β€οΈ

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