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Okay, lofty title, I know, but hear me out: our lives have gotten pretty intuitive and efficient with the rise of customizable tech, and our houses should follow suit. But while it’s easy to fall in love with an Apple Watch or the latest app on your phone, it’s a little more tricky when it comes to your home, especially because you have different needs at different times in your life (read: a door bell switch to keep your baby napping vs. next-level speakers for your next rave). Thus, as I’ve been researching some new items to add to our new house to increase its smart home IQ, I found some really neat pieces of tech that I think will make mundane tasks so much easier in the future!


Ever considered an autonomous, programmable robot to do your dirty work while you’re, you know, at work? Take a look at the Neato Botvac Connected. This little sweetheart of a vacuum will pick up errant dog hair, dust bunnies, crushed chips, rogue macaroni noodles–you get the picture. But best of all, you can schedule this puppy to run from the palm of your hand, so that means you’re free to run errands and clean your floors at the same time. For all the mamas who need a clone out there to complete their to-do lists, this is the help you’ve been looking for! And while it does have a hefty price tag, I’m leaning toward picking one up to keep our expanse of tile in the new house squeaky clean at all times!


For those of you who are still gasping at the Neato’s price tag, take a look at this awesome little piece of tech guaranteed to make your home safer and smarter in one fell swoop: the Skybell. Skybell is designed to help you ward off intruders, direct your UPS guy on where to place your packages, and let your friends and family know when you’re not at home, all from the convenience of your smartphone. Skybell has an HD camera and speaker that will allow you to interact with those on your porch, stoop, or anywhere else you can imagine. What I love about this is it’s simple to install, inexpensive, and easy-to-use. Plus, this is one of the few home tech items I’ve seen in action and I have to say, it’s flawlessly designed and executes beautifully.


If you’re looking for something as pretty as it is powerful, meet your perfect match, the Nest Learning Thermostat. This gorgeous thermostat (yes, that’s a thing) is smart, powerful, and energy-efficient to help you consume less and spend more time doing the things you love instead of warring with your home’s rising and falling temps. Not only is it the sleekest design I’ve seen in a thermostat, it’s also one of the most fun to use. It’s intuitive and learns your family’s heating and cooling preferences, and it can help alert you to a more serious problem, such as frozen pipes or a funky furnace– since those issues are some we’re most likely going to encounter in our home at some point in our lives, I’m interested in adding this thermostat to our wish list to keep things running smoothly.


This is easily the most frivolous of home tech items on this list, but I think it’s one worth mentioning: the Dyson Hairdryer. If you’re like 99% of ladies I know, you’ve already drooled over the gorgeous design and incredible promo videos, but if you’re not familiar, this little beauty is designed to shorten your dry time, make drying more enjoyable and easier, and make your hairdryer your best friend, not the hot-headed frenemy you have to replace every 9 months or so (or am I just doing it wrong?). Not only does it boast Dyson’s sleek aesthetic, but it also boasts its incredible power, which is nothing if not industry standard. Definitely on my wish list of things that will make life more efficient in the new house!

Hope you’re having a great week!


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