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While our lives have been blowing by at lightning speed this year, I have done my best not to let my 2017 goals fall by the wayside. At least not all of them (sorry budget, I’ll get back on track next month, promise!). I thought I’d do a goals update because I’ve found a few things I love that I want to share with you, and what better time than now?


I’ve mentioned this before, but I am not a gym gal. I prefer the solitude of my house, a few fruity-smelling candles, and my yoga mat 99% of the time. But one of my goals this year was to find a gym that works for me and one that I enjoy going to everyday, and y’all, it’s Planet Fitness. Hands-down the most chill gym I’ve ever set foot in, it has every machine you could want plus the relaxed air of attending a class with all of your friends — no judgment if you pick up 1-pound weights while the guy next to you is benching 300. Promise. While I can’t say I’ve used all the things the gym offers (they have free tanning for Black Card members, but skin cancer’s not on my list of goals to accomplish this year, thanks), I have really enjoyed going and I can admit I actually look forward to a post-work workout nearly every day. Check out your local Planet Fitness here!


If you follow me on social media, you know that learning to handletter was my goal for January and I haven’t been able to stop since. It’s relaxing and fun, even when I mess up (and I definitely mess up often), and inexpensive to get started. One aspect of handlettering I’ve enjoyed is the incredibly supportive and encouraging handlettering community on social media; the kind comments and inspiration I’ve gotten has been a big part of what keeps me reaching for my pen and paper each evening. If you want to give it a try, I encourage you to! Learn more about how I got started right here.


I’ll admit, this is one of the hardest goals I’ve set out to achieve this year because an Andy’s Frozen Custard shop opened up not even one mile from my house. (Any other Andy’s lovers out there?) While this has been one of the most challenging, especially given my penchant for baking and frying everything I cook, it’s been one of the most fun to try, too. My hubby is much better at keeping things light and reaching for healthful choices than I am, so I’m constantly inspired and encouraged by the options he chooses to cook. My silver bullet to keeping my meals on track? Pinterest. Come on over to my meals board–I’d love to share some of my favorites with you!


You may have guessed this was one of my goals when you saw one of my spring cleaning posts, but I think it’s more than worthwhile, especially since you’ll (hopefully) be doing it only once a year. I’ve enjoyed getting organized and deep-cleaning everything from our washer and dryer to the cup that holds our toothbrushes, and I’ve kept myself inspired by the gorgeous rooms that fill up the pages of Real Simple magazine. What inspires you to stay on-task throughout the course of a huge project?


One of my more recent goals is to brush up on my Spanish and French and learn Italian, German, and Portuguese. It’s a serious undertaking, but one that I have been eager to do since I was 14. Taking classes in high school and college was an easy feat, but staying on top of the progress I made then during graduate school (while planning a wedding / getting married / trying to maintain a 4.0 / working full-time / moving into an apartment / moving into a house) was a little bit much. Thus, I’ve circled back now that things have slowed down a bit on the studying front to pick up my old go-tos and add some new languages to the fun. Enter Duolingo, a sweet little app that makes learning these languages an absolute blast. It’s free, easy to use, and it has all the excitement of a foreign language class–including the option to master a skill once you’ve learned it (a.k.a. take a test)– so you can actually make headway on your goals. While I won’t suggest it if you’re hopeful to be fluent by the time you head to Paris in a couple weeks, I will suggest it to those who enjoy breaking up their workdays with a little learning. Just be prepared that the app asks you to speak to it via your microphone to better understand the language and practice it, so it’s not ideal for those who share office space! Learn more about Duolingo right here.

Hope you’re having a great week!


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