Guys, what a month May has been. Things have been rocky since we found out about my daddy’s cancer and we’re just now getting our heads above water (I think). Since I’ve written last, Daddy has had five procedures that have prepped him for his first treatment: gold visicoil marker placement, full-body bone scan, pelvic MRI, CT simulator, and hip tattoos. Yep, tattoos. As if being poked and prodded and examined for about a month solid wasn’t enough, Daddy had to get little triangular tattoos on each hip to help his team guide the radiation to the right spot. All these procedures and appointments have been incredibly eye-opening, and I have to say the one feeling my family has been collectively experiencing since we started the c-word journey is: grateful.

Grateful that my parents are diligent in their appointment-keeping and health checkups.

Grateful that the treating physicians have worked hard, researched, and discovered his cancer early.

Grateful for an amazing support system of friends and family who have offered weekend trips, meals, prayer, and every errand in between.

Grateful that Daddy’s cancer isn’t worse.

Grateful that the ProCure treatment facility is not only available to us for his treatment, but also only one little mile jaunt from my parents’ house.

Grateful that we’re starting the first treatment next week so that we can get one step closer to finishing treatment and ringing that bell (more on that later).

Just grateful.

Thanks, friends, for your kind words, prayer, and thoughts – they mean so much and I think they’ve made all the difference in our perspective on the c-word moving forward. I hope to be back to blogging this week because we have a pretty big house update coming your way soon!

In the meantime, I want to share some wallpapers that I’ve found inspiring and encouraging (surprise, surprise–they’re from the fabulously talented Candidly Keri!) in case you need a little boost this week, too. Click one you like to view Candidly Keri’s smorgasbord of gorgeous wallpapers and download your favorites!


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