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Guys, thanks for bearing with the sporadic posts. Once Dad starts treatment, things should quiet down a bit – more to come on that soon. In the meantime, I have a fun house update to share: our lot has been leveled and prepped for our foundation!!

It may not look like much, but, aside from the sold sign, this is the first step in building the house and we couldn’t be happier! Here are the final steps before we break ground in mid-May (yay!):


Check! Our lot has been cleared of gravel, debris, and other things that would prevent a sturdy foundation as of yesterday morning. This is the first tangible thing we’ve seen throughout this process and it’s the beginning of all our decisions coming together. We’re thrilled!


We’ll have a meeting with our designer and the foreman who will oversee all our building process when we have our finalized custom plan in just a few days, which is crazy! The waiting was brutal, but now that we’re getting ready to start the build, things are flying by! I’ll have an update for you after we meet and sign off on those plans soon.


All we have to do once we sign off on our plans is sit back, grab a camera, and watch every little tile and shingle and drop of paint fall into place. We’re set to break ground May 22nd and we’ll hopefully stay on track from there! Stay tuned!


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