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Hope y’all had an awesome Easter – I’m so happy to be back in the swing of things, but I’m grateful for an awesome weekend celebrating my sweet daddy’s birthday, my precious granddad’s birthday, and two Easter services / meals! All the treats and pastel decor have put it a spring in my step to get me through to the finish line on my spring cleaning – I hope you’re still hangin’ in there with me! Here’s today’s list:

  • Sweep fron porch / patio
  • Remove any weeds with tools / weed killer
  • Mow, edge, seed, or otherwise manicure your lawn
  • Touch up any lights / fence posts / mailboxes with paint, fresh wood, or whatever the finish is
  • Repair or replace any rickety or damaged furniture
  • Trim any hedges and water any flowers / plants / trees
  • Add fresh mulch to your garden(s)
  • Plant fresh flowers / plants / herbs / if needed
  • Clean all outdoor light fixtures thoroughly and replace as necessary
  • Replace any lightbulbs and stock up for future use
  • Clean any outdoor mats and replace as necessary
  • Repair any loose fence panels
  • Trim any low-hanging tree limbs
  • Update any exterior paint
  • Repair any questionable shingles
  • Update any garden flags / pots

You’re almost done with spring cleaning! Yay! More fun posts coming your way soon.



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