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Next up in our spring cleaning checklist extravaganza: the garage. The garage is an often overlooked aspect of spring cleaning and one that is daunting for many of us who store seasonal, decor, cleaning, and car maintenance items in along with tools and our recycling. This project took the least amount of time of all the projects we’ve gone through so far, so those of you who are getting weary from all the disinfecting and organizing, take heart! Here’s my list:

  • Remove all cars from the garage; sweep debris and remove trash from garage floor
  • Clean any rugs that lead into your home
  • Clean and replace all lights / lightbulbs in the garage
  • Stock up on lightbulbs for garage fixtures
  • Stock up on de-icer, road salt, scrapers, wiper fluid, car cleaning wipes, scent portable refills, and other car items
  • Take inventory of seasonal items and store them appropriately in the attic or in the garage (for example, our wreaths go on hooks on the garage walls)
  • Make sure the threshold on the garage door is sealed and blocks out debris; replace / update if necessary
  • Wash and fill up the cars that will go back in the garage
  • Remove any trash / extra items from the cars
  • Organize any tools and replace as appropriate
  • Organize any outdoor tools or supplies and replace as appropriate
  • Wash recycling bins / dumpsters thoroughly, dry, and replace in / near the garage

Hope you’re having a great week so far!



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