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Guys, it’s official – we will be breaking ground in mid-May and we’ve finished selections! We’re so thrilled to have finalized our choices and had the luxury of paying all our upgrades up front, so we won’t be financing the upgraded tile or extended patio into our mortgage (yay!). One thing about that: we feel so fortunate to have saved up and shelled out this money now, but it definitely stings to write a check for that much. Just a friendly FYI for those of you who are planning to do the same thing when you build. 🙂

Looking for some final selections tips? Here you go!


Sure, we loved the hunter green exterior and warm cedar stain. We also loved the bright gray exterior and teal front door combination. But we ruled out both options (for one we love that you’ll see so soon!) after we slept on them for a couple weeks and visualized our house in a variety of settings. We’re lucky enough to see a home that’s painted the same color as ours in a nearby neighborhood so we get to see how the paint looks in sunshine, rain, sleet, against red mud, etc. Of course this doesn’t just apply to the exterior – we’ve thought long and hard about our lighting and countertops and even the drawer pulls and it feels great to know that we love every single detail we signed on for. Bottom line: pick out a few options (yes, even the daring ones!), sleep on them, and try to see them in person if you can before you decide on them for your own home.


I know this is a lot coming from me, the list-making, over-organizing, planner-toting design diva that I am, but seriously, take a few minutes away from this huge and exciting project to reset your perspective. Take a weekend trip or staycation, watch 10 movies with your honey, have a girls’ night–you get the picture. Just take some time away, especially when you get overwhelmed, so you’re ready to devote yourself to the design process and the many decisions you’ll have to make.


Just like with anything big you’ll do / purchase / decide in your life, people have opinions about your choices. Most of them are great, while some are discouraging or chiding. Everyone’s entitled to their thoughts and their advice about your choices, and it doesn’t hurt you to listen to their points-of-view. But always take a step back to think about what you’ll be using most, what textures you love, what style you want to convey, because at the end of the whole process, you’ll be the one living there and paying the mortgage and you need to love it, not them!


Unfortunately, now that you’ve made all the great design decisions and have consented to have them done in / on / around your home, the huge wait to move in begins, and that’s tough. Get your support system in place, download a countdown app to keep track of the days left till you move in, and pepper your schedule with tons of fun things to do in the meantime, because if you’re anything like us, it’s going to be torture to wait until the moving truck shows up or until you sign all your closing paperwork. You can definitely do it (and it’ll be so worth it!)–just keep that in mind when things slow down or you get anxious about the process.

I hope those of you who are building too are having as much fun as we are, and to those of you who want to build your own house someday: do it! It’s been such a blessing and so much fun, and, surprisingly, it’s strengthened our relationship to make all these decisions together.

Want to see the other selections-related posts? Check out part one here, part two here, and part three right here.

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have questions I haven’t answered – I’m happy to get in touch and help any way I can!

Hope you’re having a great day!



  1. You said it…..”and now …we wait!” Every time we are out, we end up driving thru your new neighborhood. Every time we look over that way from our back door, we image what it will be like when we are looking at YOUR rooftop. So excited about the whole process! xoxo❤️

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