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Guys, I’ve been so thrilled about how our lighting appointment went this past week that I haven’t hardly had time to share all the details with you! Thanks for bearing with me.

We had our third selections appointment for our house last Saturday and I have to say, this was my favorite appointment out of all of them. Jordan and I had a chance to explore everything from basic lighting and a doorbell (who knew you choose that when you choose the lighting?) to the most extravagant fixtures, and the whole experience was made easier by our preparation and our excellent lighting consultant. We chose every fixture from floor to ceiling and I’m most thrilled about our entryway lighting — you’ll have to wait to see how the whole thing turns out, but here’s a sneak peek of the lighting we chose for that area:

Ready for our lighting tips and tricks? Here you go!


Obviously we were so excited to get to choose the “jewelry of the house” that we looked through the lighting gallery a few times before we actually had our appointment, and it definitely paid off for us. The first time we went in, we didn’t care about budget and only looked at (and snapped pictures of) things we adored. The second time we went in, we were a bit more practical, but we still didn’t really know our budget, so it was great to see the mid-range lighting that we may be more likely to buy instead of all show-stopper pieces. Finally, our last sweep through the gallery was spent carefully sussing out lighting we loved, lighting that was in our budget, and lighting that was as energy-efficient as possible (because that matters to us in our new house!). Take some time to explore the gallery, grab some lookbooks, and find out when the gallery specialists go to market to buy new pieces so you know when to come back. This helped us so much in narrowing down what we liked and what we didn’t, so when it came time to pick everything, we got to enjoy the process and not fret over little details.


This is a small thing when you’re initially looking at lighting, but don’t just go for something because it’s pretty / industrial / awesome / unique. Think about what it will be like to clean it while it’s in your home. Think about what it will encounter (for instance, fans in kids’ rooms often meet a much different fate than fans in the master bedroom) and choose appropriate pieces for those spaces. Thinking this through will make you so much happier when you get everything installed and have to start living with it!


Things you don’t think about when you see a gorgeous chandelier: how much do the bulbs cost? Can I get them at my local home store? What happens if this crystal chips or the glass breaks? But those are the questions I urge you to consider before you ever choose a single pendant or flush mount. We tried to explore the bulb options for each fixture, the recommendations on Kelvin and wattage, the repair process, the warranties, and every other little thing about each light we chose because we want to enjoy them and maintain them properly. And I have to say, a few fixtures I fell in love with initially were eventually ruled out because of the lightbulb cost or crazy repair process if something goes wrong (and I do live in Oklahoma, guys, with earthquakes, tornadoes, hail, flooding, and every other thing you can think of, so there’s a great possibility something will go wrong!).


Finally, spend some extra dough on fixtures you can’t live without. If you’ve done your homework, checked out the options in your price range, and found something that’s over your budget but you know you’d enjoy it, put it on your list and think about it. It doesn’t cost you anything to pick a standard option and a splurge option, which we did for a couple rooms in the house, and I’m really happy we chose something with a little pizazz as appropriate. For example, our flex room will serve as a den, playroom, media room, game room, guest bedroom, library, and so much more in the life of our home, so we chose a piece that will serve us well (and still be fun and functional) throughout all those times:

Bottom line: plan, pray, budget, and then go wild! It’s been such a blast to think about how each of these fixtures will fit into our overall house plan, and I’m thrilled with everything we’ve chosen. We are seriously so, so lucky!

More house posts coming your way soon as we’re breaking ground in just a few weeks!


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