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Truth: I love having a bar cart but I don’t keep a drop of alcohol on it. Why? Because 1. I can never make up my mind about what to have out at all times; 2. I want it to be kid-friendly since we’re frequently having more families over to our house; and 3. I have entirely too many specialty drink glasses to house there alongside their respective alcohols. And honestly, this makes life so easy, because my bar cart can do a number of things in our house now, like become a reading cart or a side table, house fine china, display photos, or serve appetizers wherever there isn’t space in our house for a table.

All this leads me to three ways I love to style my bar cart that are non-alcoholic (so anyone can enjoy these options) and vastly differing to give you some inspiration if you’re in the market for a pretty cart.


This first way is easily the most versatile and the best for those of you who love to switch things up in your home. I took a simple cart and added a few seasonal items, like my metallic bunny, eggs, and greenery, then added some functional pieces, like my acrylic plates and cups for outdoors. Of course, I included a few bar essentials, like shot glasses and straws, but I added them primarily for color and texture. This styling feels fresh and is cohesive with the rest of our Easter decor, which I really love, and I think it would be further complemented by some fresh greenery or a pitcher of strawberry lemonade.


If you prefer the elegance and glamour of the bar cart that’s ready for a bottle of champagne or an old fashioned, this styling is for you. I paired my bright gold cart with all silver and crystal accents and added a side table and lush rug for extra luxury. This one’s great whether you serve water or top-shelf liquors, and it’s a great way to show off some of your favorite decorative items in a fresh way. Not pictured are my galvanized steel letters (Jordan’s and my initials) right above the cart, but I think this styling would look beautiful with a few abstract art pieces above it or a suite of mirrors.


I love turning a bar cart into a tea (or coffee or hot chocolate) cart because it allows for serious specialization and functionality. I chose to display some of our favorite mugs and cups alongside a simple tiered tray full of teas (vanilla chai, peppermint, and green tea – yum!) and simple tea kettle. I keep a tea tray in my office, too, and something about it just smarts of home and makes you feel a little more relaxed. To top off this styling, I’d add some macarons or petit fours, sugar cubes, and a few luxurious loose leaf teas for my guests to make their own special blend.

I hope this inspired you to go grab a bar cart to add space, storage, and a little bit of fun to your space!



  1. Really different and very interesting ideas. Opens up thoughts for lots of themes…..a Patriotic theme….a Birthday theme and of course, all the Fall and Christmas themes. Exciting and inspiring….love it! xoxo❤️

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