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Since spring is officially here, I thought I’d take a moment to share an easy, inexpensive way to accessorize for spring: nail polish. It’s one of my favorite pastimes and it gives me such a lift no matter what. I’ve recently fallen more in love with Deborah Lippmann polishes for their staying power and incredible range of color, so those are my top picks this spring! Take a look at these yummy colors below and click each one to learn more or buy it!

“My Boy Lollipop” is such a versatile color; think of it like your favorite blue jeans (or, for summer, you favorite white jeans). It goes with everything and looks gorgeous on every single skin tone. Plus, spring and summer brides can enjoy this color as a stylish take on their something blue!

“Flowers in Her Hair” is a lovely choice for those who prefer something with a little more mermaid-inspired style in their day-to-day. It’s just as versatile as “My Boy Lollipop,” but it really complements gold jewels and pretty Easter dresses.

“Spring Buds” is certainly a more adventurous choice and it’s ideal for those of you who prefer succulents to fresh blooms and ripped jeans to polished trousers. It feels fresh and springy without feeling overdone and it’s a gorgeous base for any nail art you’re inspired to create!

There’s not a cheerier color on this list. “Lemon Drop” is a bright, lovely choice for ladies who don’t mind standing out and it looks awesome against all your favorite jeans and crisp white tops. Pair it with a pastel bag for a little more punch!

“Born This Way” is the ideal choice for girls who don’t do pink. It’s ethereal in the best way and is almost the exact same color as yummy orange sherbet, which you can’t beat in the warmer months. This is the most tame and wearable shade on this list and one I think every girl should own!

Pink-loving ladies like me will adore “Think Pink.” It’s the epitome of femininity and a fabulous color to add to your collection year-round. I love a creamy pink color like this one topped with a bright gold glitter (try Boom Boom Pow by Deborah Lippmann!) or accented by a few gold nails to take it even further.

The cool-girl pink choice here is “Pink Cashmere.” It’s all the best parts of gray, beige, and pink rolled into one luxe color that is a great go-to no matter the season. For those of you who are overwhelmed by all the cheery colors on this list, try this one!

Last but not least: “Pleasure Principle.” This incredible purple is so much fun and complements all your silver-toned jewelry so well. Those of you who love to show off your tan in the warmer months will especially love this one!

Inspired to touch up your tips and toes? Me too!



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